Report on overall McDonalds performances Essay

My name is David Simpson, a quality control manager of the Golden Arches. I am writing this report to summarise my inspection observation on the few outlets of McDonalds which I have visited. I have visited one of the outlets recently and the services were good. The rubbish bins in the parking lots are regularly cleared. From streets to the storeroom is neat and tidy. Cleanliness wise the outlet manager has done a perfect job. Plus the tables were spotless. Furthermore the staff at the outlet welcomes and greets their customers in a proper manner.

And they work in a fast pace as the lane moves fast. And the food, hash brown were well cooked. The expiry date printed on the hamburger was fresh. So are the cucumbers, cheese and the milk shake mix. But there are few things to be highlighted that could be improvise. First of all the biscuits looks smaller than what it usually is.

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It could be because someone over kneaded the dough. I have brought this problem to the attention of the biscuit maker to review the McDonald’s videotape that provides instructions for preparing biscuits and other items.However at another stop, I noticed a helper crams too much food in a bag. And more stops reveals opportunities for improvement. Ceiling tile was stained and needs to be replaced, a cheeseburger bun is dented, messy storeroom, soft-serve cone is six inches high instead of the recommended inches.

This is the summary of the inspection observation and I hope that the problems highlighted above would be taken into serious consideration and make room for improvisation.


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