Related reputation, growth of the company; franchisees,

Related to CanadianRestaurant industry or the Company restaurant: completion with other franchisors, qualitycontrol and health concerns, security breaches of confidential guestinformation, public safety issues, damage to the company’s reputation, growthof the company; franchisees, franchising relations, retail licensingopportunities, lawsuits, regulations,…Related Company’s securities: payment of dividends, future sales,significant ownership by the principal shareholders, dilution, quarterlyoperation results may fluctuate. 1.    Corporate culture”At CARA, we make everyone feelspecial.”  Delivering PerfectGuest Experience every time to customers. They are defined as ·      The genuine respect and care for each other’s success·      The pride taken in helping each other grow·      The passion incelebrating the success ·      The drive to efficiently deliver the PerfectGuest Experience every time·      The fun achieved together 2.

     Missions and Statements CARA’s mission statement reflects the company’s strategic objectives andstrategies. In contract, the vision statement of CARA demonstrates thelong-term direction of the business. To address its long-term goals, thecompany continues to run through with implementing strategies.

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Now, CARA is oneof the biggest franchisor company in Canada in the Food and Beverage industry


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