REH Word of the Week: wain Essay

(artist Nick Eggenhoffer)noun1. a usually large and heavy vehicle for farm use[origin: Middle English, wagon, chariot, from Old English w?gn; akin to Middle Dutch wagen wagon, Old English wegan to move]HOWARD’S USAGE:Grass and the rains and snow,Trumpet and tribal drum;Across my crests the people go,Over my peaks the people come.Girt with the pelts of lion and hare.Plodding with oxen wains,Climbing the steeps on a Spanish mare,Soaring in aeroplanes.

Men with their hates and their ires,Men with their loves and their lustStill shall I reign when their spiresAnd their castles tumble to dust.[from “The Mountains of California”; this is the complete poem as it appeared in The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard, p. 293 and the Robert E. Howard Selected Poems, p.

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