REH Word of the Week: kale Essay


1. slang. money

[origin: 14th century; Scots from Middle English (northern) cal and Old English cal]

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The low-down on the case like that—
it got me right for see,
The very jobs that I had steered
leered up from the pages at me!
Everything but the name you see,
the places was the same—
I turned to the name on the title page—
and Tully was the name!
Now I’m hitting the trail for his dump tonight
for they say he’s hot with kale.
And I’ll be needing a lot of it
for I think I need to sail.
This land will be too hot for me
all on account of that lad,
And he’s going to divvy up with me
or else he’ll wish he had.
A Hell of a trick, is what I say,
I trusted him, you see?
Alright, my spiel helped him along
and he’s got to divvy with me.

[from “Song of a Fugitive Bard”; for complete poem see The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard, p. 618 and Shadows of Dreams, p. 76]


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