REH Word of the Week: chaplet Essay

noun1. a wreath to be worn on the head[origin: 14th century; Middle English chapelet, from Anglo-French, diminutive of chapel hat, garland, from Medieval Latin cappellus head covering, from Late Latin cappa]HOWARD’S USAGE:Nial of Ulster, welcome home!What saw you on the road to Rome?—Legions thronging the fertile plains?Shouting hordes of the country folkWith the harvest heaped in their groaning wains?Shepherds piping under the oak?Laurel chaplet and purple cloak?Smokes of the feasting coiled on high?Meadows and fields of the rich, ripe greenLazing under a cobalt sky?Brown little villages sleeping between?What saw you on the road to Rome?“Crimson tracks in the blackened loam,“Skeleton trees and a blasted plain,“A heap of skulls and a child insane,“Ruin and wreck and the reek of pain“On the wrack of the road to Rome.”[from “Shadows on the Road”; to read the complete poem see The Collected Poetry of Robert E.

Howard, p. 520; Always Comes Evening, p. 30; Robert E. Howard Selected Poems, p. 204]

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