REH Expression of the Week: Cradle of Time Essay


1. cradle: A place of origin; a birthplace of; (plus) 2. time: the point or period when something occurs.

[origin: 1. cradle: Middle English cradel, from Old English cradol; perhaps akin to Old High German kratto basket, Sanskrit grantha knot (plus) 2. time: Middle English, from Old English tima, akin to Old Norse timi time, Old English tid.

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I am older than the world;
Older than life.
The race of man is a babe in the cradle of Time.
I am Alpha and Omega,
The first and the last;
The circle without end.
I am a serpent with its tail in its mouth;
I am a triangle whose tips overlap a circle.
I am the older sister of Destiny.
Before man was, I was;
And after man has vanished from the Universe, I will be.
Time is a phantom, built by the mind of man;
There is no Time.
The thing men call Time flies before my wind;
Time has beginning, duration, ending.
There is no beginning to Eternity
Nor shall there be an ending.
I am that which was, is, and shall be;
Unceasing, Neverending, Eternal.
Number all the sands of all the shores of all the worlds
Of all the Universes.
And let each sand represent a million centuries;
And they all shall not be a single instant
Of Eternity.
For I am numberless and unnumbered.
Eternity had no beginning, neither shall there be ending.
I am Alpha and Omega.
That which was, is and shall be;
Numberless and unnumbered.

[from “Eternity”; to read the complete poem, see The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard, p. 342]

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