Regarding line with the findings of the

Regarding to the great significance of listening comprehension in the process of learning foreign languages, many studies have focused on developing new techniques for teaching listening. This study provided an empirical evidence for Iranian EFL learners to investigate the potential role of STAD in enhancing learners’ ability for listening comprehension. The findings of the study provided an empirical support for the effectiveness of STAD technique in enhancing Iranian EFL learners’ listening comprehension.However, the present study took advantage of STAD as a popular and highly-used model of CL in language just like Rai and Samsuddin (2007) who found that STAD is one of the strategies which helps learners promote collaboration and self-regulating learning skills. The findings of the present study were in line with those of Balfakih (2003) who found that in teaching 10th grade chemistry, students’ team achievements division (STAD) is a more effective teaching method than the traditional-teaching method. The findings of this study supported the results of a study conducted by Kinney (1989) who investigated the effects of cooperative learning on the achievement of ninth-grade students in a diverse cultural general biology class.

The findings indicated that both black and white students had a significant increase on the academic achievement scores. In line with the findings of the present study, Allen and Van Sickle (1984) used STAD as the experimental treatment in a study involving low achieving students. They found that the cooperative learning group scored significantly higher on a world geography test.The results of this study also confirmed what Pinkeaw (1993) investigated regarding the students’ views on interaction and learning achievement through cooperative learning method in upper–secondary English classes for 82 Mathayomsuksa 4 students. The finding indicated that all students’ listening and speaking achievements were satisfactory.

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The findings of the present study contradicted those of Thupapong (1996) who studied the effects of STAD learning on English reading achievement and cooperation. The results revealed that the gained English reading achievement scores of the students taught by the STAD approach were not significantly different from those of the students taught by the teacher’s manual approach.


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