Reflective Report Human Rights Standards For A Large Clothing Retailer Business Essay


The study about the Human Rights Standards for a big vesture retail merchant workers to the Managing Director is all about the rights and privileges available at their disposal for its proper use in times of demand and these are irrespective of the workers working inside their place states and outside their place states.The basic thought of the study is to convey to the notice of the pull offing manager about the importance of the human rights criterions in the lives of the workers and to the direction every bit good. Since the repo of the retailing concern depends upon the worker ‘s tempers and their morale and their motivation factors i.e if the workers are satisfied and content with what they are being provided with than they would be in a place of without any ailments from the retail merchant or the direction and would wish to give to the retail merchant the best he/she could develop the merchandise and services of high quality with their best interior potency and more enthusiasm which in bend which are delivered to the concluding client who are the concluding Judgess of the noticing whether the merchandise or services provided are of best quality or of inferior quality. The gross revenues volume is dependent on these basic things.The Management and the workers should and must work with common apprehension and cooperation and this is really of import the both lives of the parties concerned i.

e Workers and the retail merchant or the direction in order to give the best to their terminal client and this is possible merely with by leting the workers to avail all the rights at their disposal by the direction without any 2nd idea from the direction and this is possible merely if the human rights criterions are being implemented at the work topographic point and exercised by the workers to its maximal extent.Finally the retail merchant and the worker should and must acknowledge the importance of the human rights criterions which are in being. These are really of import in both the parties. Both the parties should acknowledge the importance of the human rights criterions Aims and Objectives and its basic history and what are the incidents that lead to the execution of these human rights criterions universe broad. For illustration Chinese Agitation by the workers for demand of their rights.

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Remembrance of Experiences:

In the debut portion we have given how the development procedure worked and how the both the parties should and must acknowledge the importance and the valued of the human rights criterions in both the lives of the parties i.

e retail merchant and the worker.

The followers are basic and the keys phases that were recognized from all through the executive sum-up and its reappraisal:

Meaning and Definition of the International Business: In this phase significance and definition of the international concern has been given like what is international concern and it says that international concern is one which carries the all its concern minutess between two diverse states i.e between two states for pecuniary benefit that is one additions the pecuniary benefit and the other additions goods and services and this is the basic rule of the concern.Meaning and Nature of Retailing and Retailers Business: Meaning and nature of retailing concern. It is the 1 which carries the concern by purchasing or buying the goods and services straight from the maker or the whole saler and sells them to the terminal client for who ‘s sake this retailing concern is being carried out.Meaning of Large Clothing Retailers: Meaning of Large Clothing Retailer i.e a big vesture retail merchant is one who carries retailing concern on a big graduated table i.e who holds a big shop of different age group demand but of same type of concern i.

e vesture concern like for illustration a retail merchant might keep the apparels of different age group people under one roof. At the same clip he might be keeping the fabrics of different trade names but under one company ‘s name.Meaning and Definition of Business Ethical motives: The existent significance of concern moralss is that the business communities have to understand the importance of moralss i.e what is good and what is bad and what right and what is incorrect every bit far as concern moralss are concerned i.e what of all time determination a business communities takes he has to maintain in the head that he is traveling to cover with terminal client and would make up one’s mind what the busunessmen character about and that is traveling to judge the gross revenues of their merchandise in the long tally.About Human Rights Standards for workers both inside and outside States: about the human rights criterions for workers both working interior and outside their place state is nil but the human rights criterions are framed for the intent of profiting the workers of the both the category i.e inside and outside worker of their place states.

Their importance, how they would assist the worker and etc. ,History of the Retailers Business and their General Nature of Business: History of retail merchants concern is nil but the retail merchant how he started of his concern and could he is able to develop his little retailing concern to a big graduated table of concern. Initially he used to take up merely some merchandise straight from the maker or the whole saler and used to sell those goods to the concluding client. the major ground for developing the retailing concern from a little size retailing to a larger size railing concern.

It has started in order to run into the clients ‘ desires of the different age groups and under one roof at different topographic points in different states and like this the big vesture retailing concern has developed. To present the different manners manners of the apparels harmonizing to the coevals gustatory sensation and their desires and at the same clip non pretermiting the old coevalss apparels and hence seting them all in one shell this big vesture retailing concern has started.Detailed History of Human rights Standards for workers: The elaborate history of human rights criterions is that fundamentally this thought of human rights has brought approximately by the United Nations and have implemented in the twelvemonth 1966 and 1967 in order to convey to the notice of the workers that they are entitled to certain rights which are their employment rights being born at the clip of their entrance into the employment.The basic ground for the birth of these rights is the universe broad agitations by the workers for their certain demands and rights which had been prohibited and stopped them from exerting them at the work topographic point and this has been experienced universe broad and there is an illustration for this is the Chinese worker who went on for some months in order addition back their rights and this has spread to some other states as good and came to the notice of the United Nations.

Therefore this is the basic ground for implementing of the human rights criterions universe broad and this has been done for the safety and protection of the workers universe broad.Importance of human rights criterions in the lives of the workers: eventually come the importance of human rights criterions in the lives of the workers i.e. how they are traveling to be benefited from these human rights criterions. The basic benefits are their minimal payment of rewards, good working conditions, good sanitation of the environment, good wellness steps for the workers to be taken up, their kids instruction has to be taken up, safety steps in instance of the worker traveling out of the state to work for their subdivision office or subdivision shop, their adjustment, their nutrient, and etc. , these things are minimal to be taken attention by the retail merchant of any sort who runs his concern on a big graduated table.

Personal Feelingss and Learning from the experience:

Our personal feelings and the acquisition ‘s from the experience by finishing this undertaking and its procedure of completion is that we have enjoined a batch while making this undertaking and the undertaking subject is besides such that anybody could bask because this is something related to the individuals professional and work life i.

e any individual of working category and this made us experience really interesting while making the undertaking.We besides felt that and came to see that how of import the human rights criterions in any organic structure ‘s life after taking up the occupation in any sort of concern or company or retailing concern shops or departmental shops or any sort of mill or any sort of constitution, and irrespective of these a worker should cognize about rights which are their employment rights and they are like their birth rights which all the workers are entitled for to avail and utilize.We personally felt that how of import these human rights criterions in any worker ‘s life and we besides felt by making this undertaking and can state that by and large workers come to cognize about the importance and its being merely after fall ining the organisation or retail merchant but its our fortune and we are really much fortunate to cognize about what are the rights which have been framed for the benefit of the workers both working interior and outside of their place states. Like working hours, working conditions, payment of rewards, wellness steps, adjustment proviso, proper sanitation of the work environment, and etc. ,I personally feel that this is the best undertaking which made learn non merely about the of import of human rights criterions but besides made me cognizant of all these rights because being a pupil I may non be entitled to bask but being student purpose happy that I came to cognize about all these rights which would assist me in exerting these rights after finishing my surveies and acquiring into the employment or work.

I did non place any specific personal jobs either with the content or the procedure or the other group members because the top of the undertaking is such that every organic structure has to cognize and are interested in cognizing about the human rights criterions because they are traveling to play a really of import function once we get into employment or would hold to work for a big vesture retail merchant this information would assist us in contending for out rights at work topographic point where we would acquire employed. This is what made us felt interesting and in our position every organic structure would be interested in cognizing about these human rights criterions in being and excessively as per the United Nations organisations.We all have worked in coordination and have exchanged positions for the best and proper presentation of the undertaking work and we have learned from each other a batch because each one thinks otherwise and expresses them otherwise and assist us in the long tally like how to work in a squad and how to organize the things and set them in one shell and this is what we have experienced while making this undertaking work though we have experienced some differing position but still at the terminal we have united completed the undertaking.

Group kineticss and larning from the experience:

Our group has responded to the undertaking procedure positively. Merely one thing or one job which we have felt that assemblage of the entire information about the undertaking to be completed. We have divided the work and worked for it like subject wise we have divided and gathered the information and this is how our undertaking and squad work have started. Our group has responded positively for the parts I have made and they have appreciated for my parts and my input which I have put into the undertaking work completion.The new penetrations which have evolved are how to work in a group, how to organize the information gathered, how to roll up that collected information into one common undertaking work, how to roll up the work, how to make the redaction work for the work we have done, how to convey the all the squad member under one roof, how to work out the jobs among the squad members irrespective of personal or professional, and etc.

these are the new penetrations which every member of the squad have recognize them for their ain personal development and growing.The other members of the group have regarded me as a member with whom a good squad work could be carried out at all the times and in all the squad undertakings which might hold to take up in future. Every organic structure have contributed their portion to the undertaking completion without any ailment and statements among the squad members in work outing the jobs without any statements. This was the good thing about our squad work. The values we have learned are that the importance of the squad work and squad members and came to cognize that with squad work we could accomplish any thing in this universe and sky is the bound. because this rule or this value we have learned is of that much importance in our lives to come and audiences have played a really critical function in the care of the squad spirit which is the most of import character or requirement of any sort of squad work and came to cognize that without this squad spirit we can stand no where and could confront the interruption down in our lives.

Lessons for future undertakings:

The followers are the 5 cardinal lessons to better the public presentation in future group activities and undertakings:

To keep the squad spirit: Retention of the squad spirit is really of import for working for a squad or working under a squad.

This is really of import and this is irrespective or any sort of work that is personal or professional because good squad work could convey approximately good consequences of the work which has been taken up. It is the extreme of import key lessons to be learned by all the squad members because until and unless this squad spirit is non at that place than at that place would non be any point in taking up any undertaking by the squad.To keep on to entire belief in the squad member: to keep complete belief in the squad members is really of import because if this is non at that place than there might be incredulity among the members and thereby taking to distraction in the undertaking work undertaken and besides at the same there might be break down in the channels of information for the perfect flow of the information and assemblage of the information might be broken and once more at that place by taking to disagreement in positions among the squad members.

Existence Complete belief among the squad members on each is should and must for the smooth flow of information in the undertaking.Time direction is required: Time direction is really much necessity and that excessively when squad work has been taken up otherwise even if the undertaking has been completed but it would be of no usage when it is non completed in clip as per the undertaking demand and this is the most importance for any sort of undertaking undertaken. One to one coordination has to be done with in the clip prescribed and given for the completion of the undertaking. If clip direction is non considered than the undertaking and the squad would keep no value and the squad work would keep any value when it is done and completed in clip.Team Integration: Team integrating is really much required for the best and proper public presentation of the undertaking or any group activities and squad integrating would be when squad spirit and entire trust and belief among all the member of the group or squad is maintained. This is really much necessity for any group activity or group presentations.

Team integrating is nil but harmoniousness among the squad or group members where all the group or squad members keeping on to the one position all the determinations done and taken by the group or squad and at that place would non be any dis- harmoniousness in the determination taken. This would heighten the public presentation of the group activity and squad work or undertaking undertaken by the squad.Individual Contribution to the Team: Individual part to the squad public presentation is really much required in order to convey out the work or the undertaking which is being taken up as a squad work or group activity to the best of their potencies and to do a good presentation of the work. Bing a squad member every organic structure ‘s part is indispensable and the squad work is carried out with the part by every member of the squad or group. Whatever a member is capable of lending has to lend to the squad public presentation.


General decision from this squad work in this undertaking work procedure is that we all have contributed to the best of our capablenesss. We besides have experience that how of import it is to work in a squad or group activities.

We came to cognize that it is learning us how to act in a squad or group, we came to cognize about some squad moralss, squad norm and conditions which really much necessity for the best public presentation of the squad and convey out the best out of the group or squad, and etc. ,We are fortunate that our squad members are of same positions and understanding and this is the plus of our squad work. We have become that much shut that we merely spoke to each other straight without any unit of ammunition the clock inquiring and no unit of ammunition the clock replying. We had merely stick to the point and cleared everything one by one and this is our squad strong point and we think that in any squad work or group activity this is what is required for the best public presentation of the squad and best presentation of any undertaking given to the squad or taken up an a squad or group activity and this is what we have experienced and understood in the undertaking procedure and group activity procedure and in our position this is what is required from the squad or group members separately because person would merely do a squad or group and whatever they contribute as an member or person would go the work of the squad or group undertaking.So eventually we would wish to state that by working in a squad we would come to cognize about its importance and where we should better ourselves, how a squad works, what are the indispensable demand for the good squad work and public presentation i.e indispensable ingredients required for the good squad work or group public presentation or squad presentations of their work.


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