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BA ( Hons ) Accounting and FinanceIntroduction to AccountingMHH12Module Leader NameIntroduction to Accounting( A )Learning Results

LOC1 Be able to acknowledge and understand the accounting profession theory, and larn to utilize electronic tools for analysis. E.

g. Excel and SAGE accounting package. ) , in order to advance and beef up the accounting and fiscal coverage procedure.

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LOC2 To find cardinal to allow direction and operation, the analysis is used to place and measure chances and hazards, organisation planning, allotment of resources, run into the mark of accounting informations and other information.
LOC3 To acknowledge the part of accounting and finance, endeavor and the diverseness of the whole society, and can utilize the appropriate informations and methods, to advance the accounting and fiscal research. Application from the accounting theory cognition, fiscal analysis and determination doing the right judgement. Adopt national, international and historical point of position to analysis accounting and concern issues.
LOC4 Students will larn by their internship experience and accomplishments in the existent universe and application. Be able to prosecute in the workplace as an ethical professional with the indispensable alumnus properties of endeavor, digital literacy and planetary mentality.

( B )

Course Faculties Results
Introduction to accounting Introduction to accounting is related to LO1 & A ; 2. It can assist me to analyze the farther class. It Accounting rudimentss subdivision, the most cardinal inquiries about the significance of accounting elements, such as how to utilize the history and charge, rapprochement and audit accounting demand to get the hang one by one analysis shows that entry accounting work to put the foundation.
Data Analysis for Finance Financial Data Analysis this class is related to LO2 & A ; 3 & A ; 4, it allows me to understand the company ‘s fiscal direction is how 1 thing ; the study how those undertakings are traveling on ; what are the cardinal informations have ; what informations can be judged from the company ‘s fiscal status and future tendency
Management Accounting Management accounting is related to LO3 & A ; 4. This class has demonstrated a high grade of professional criterions and the ability to analysis the internal fiscal coverage, helping in the direction governments to hold on the state of affairs, to take part in fiscal direction and develop future scheme and executing. Management accounting is still a underdeveloped scientific discipline.

It will alter with economic conditions, with the development of accounting work and invariably altering.

Accounting issues Accounting issues is related to LO2 & A ; 4. This class helps me to work out some jobs of accounting easier. Maestro of Management, Economics and Finance and the basic theory and basic cognition of finance. Mastering fiscal, qualitative and quantitative analysis method of fiscal direction.
Fiscal direction Fiscal direction is related to LO1 & A ; 3.

It lets me after accounting jobs easier to work out in the workplace. This class developing with direction, economic, legal and fiscal direction, fiscal and other facets of cognition and ability to prosecute in finance, fiscal direction, and learning and research facets of concern direction subjects senior professionals in concern, finance companies, establishments and authorities sections.

( C )1. IELTS class: I plan to get down sophomore IELTS readying classs, self-study vocabulary, do more exercising, for a British university after graduation test to graduate school as a foundation.2. Volunteers: In their trim clip, you can take portion in more friends and charitable activities as voluntaries, as people need aid.3.

Learning a foreign linguistic communication: while in category, you can mend your ain in a foreign linguistic communication, such as Gallic, Korean. Weekly expression at two foreign movies, increasing the sense of linguistic communication.4. ACCA classs: the usage of trim clip, you can reach sing ACCA classs to develop yourself easy pattern inquiries.

( D )

  • Future calling way

My future calling is after graduation I want to return to China to go a professional cognition, high personal qualities accountant.Everyone harmonizing to their ain apprehension and rating, found himself on the acquisition jobs still exist, although they invariably update their cognition, can rapidly accept new minutess ; but non careful plenty on acquisition, ensuing in inefficient. On making things is ever hard to make careful, but do finance a tabu careless, so be certain to go on to better in future acquisition, life and work. However, I still have some competences worthy of acknowledgment:1. Communication: I normally have first-class communicating and presentation accomplishments, able to clearly pass on with schoolmates and instructors, the existent bosom of the thought of thorough look.2. Organizational capacity: methodical, organized and have the ability to construct strong cooperation, to advance harmoniousness, regard for different sentiments.3.

Mentality: I have a stable peace of head, stamina, non easy give up on the occupation.4. Use the cognition: I can believe of the theory and application logic, there is a strong memory for item.

  • Each individual ‘s calling can be approximately divided into three phases.

First phase: the growing stage, the learning stage at school.Second phase: the exploratory phase, normally one to two old ages after graduation.Third phase: the care stage, comparatively more stable occupation, calling alteration is more cautious.

First phase2014/15 First, in the first twelvemonth of university, down to earth to larn the basic classs, particularly English.

I want to heighten their professional public presentation to a new degree, to larn basic accounting and finance classs during this period, but besides to maintain larning theories related to accounting, revenue enhancement accounting and accounting-related cognition, and so must larn, for do put the foundation for future accounting officer.

2015/16 In the 2nd twelvemonth, and in this twelvemonth, I caught both steady footing, but besides to beef up the professional classs to fix good and do some of import high school classs each visit in order to smooth the passage to junior. Readings appropriate for their ain course of study, so that their cognition of diverseness.

Better the basic quality, exercise their capablenesss, and prove their cognition and accomplishments. By IELTS and began selectively minor other specialized cognition to enrich themselves.

2016/17 Third twelvemonth, the enterprise to heighten the professional acquisition classs next semester to more junior to senior senior sister learner inquire about occupation information, interview accomplishments and calling demands of the state of affairs, understand the channels of information assemblage, ask to compose a screen missive, course of study vitae of experience, actively seeking to better occupation accomplishments. After graduating from the work of fixing the application, use the conditions provided by the school, to understand the employer company informations and information provided by the Career Centre, and beef up occupation accomplishments, behavior mock interviews and other preparation, every bit much as possible in doing the state of affairs more to the full prepared drill. Actively participated in assorted enlisting activities, tested in pattern their accretion and readying, dry run or mock interviews, interview.
Second phase2017+ At this phase, more frequent occupation alterations. I want harmonizing to their ain state of affairs, prehend the chance to decently transform their working environment, to happen a suited occupation.

Meanwhile, after the alteration to accommodate every bit rapidly as possible. There are, for deficiency of a senior fiscal officers today ‘s society, to in his trim clip, strive to accomplish fiscal and other senior CPA or ACCA making.

Third phaseIn five old ages Through old ages of pattern, and invariably heighten the ability to work, ability and capacity acted strain. Continue to roll up in the work experience, develop their ain difficult work of the spirit, mature manner of work, most serious working attitude, work ethic and advanced.

Through their ain attempts, you can open an ain accounting house, bit by bit reached the pinnacle of his calling.


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