Reflection Journal on Global Citizenship Essay

Reflective Journal on Global Citizenship Introduction For this reflective journal assignment, I chose Media Literacy as my reflection topic. The reason why I selected this topic is because I found this topic to be the most interesting and after learning how the Media Literacy works, it has given me the most to think about. Content Area Reflection My original perspective on Media Literacy was, to make the media and news more literate. Before learning in class, my assumptions were about how to make the media more presentable and informative through speaking and writing.I expected to learn about ways to present news and information that will be better understood to people from all over the world. What I liked the most about Media Literacy was that it has taught me that I should have my own perspective when reading the news, rather than just blindly believing what is put in front of my face.

I should always question it first and gather as much as information I could, but from other angles. These actions will definitely help me when it comes to minimizing the biases on the news, and be able to tell it from a more justice angle.What I liked least about this area is that since most medias are ran by a variety of groups of corporations, it is extremely intuitive for them to manipulate factual information, and to give biased information for their advantage. Another thing is that everyone has a different perspective on the news they see or hear, based on their own identities, values and backgrounds.

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It is not always easy to distinguish the facts behind the news presented, therefore I should be more aware of how to protect myself from false or misleading information.The Media Literacy topic is difficult because there is no way of eliminating the biases from the media outlets, and also there is no clear distinct line for right or wrong in the media. However, by having a more thorough understanding of media literacy will help minimize the biases so that I can interpret the news from a more justice approach, or at least I will be able tell whether the news is just an opinion from the media bias. In order to describe Media Literacy to another student, I would say that when reading anything produced from the media, refrain from believing it right away and instead, question it first.Gather as much as information as there are to seek the facts behind all the information. Always look at it from different angles, and if done right, this should give a more justice perspective on it.

Overall Reflection There are always times when people, including myself, like to act as whoever they want and be whatever they want to be. This is great in terms of having the freedom to do anything, however people should not cross the line and become more and more selfish.In order to be a global citizen, it asks that everyone should think for everyone else, not only their personal values.

I felt like I lost some part of myself in order to be a global citizen, but after taking this course, I understand how to look at things from another angle and it is worth it to make a better society. I also learned that different people from different backgrounds and religions have different values, which can never be judged as either right or wrong. I should be more aware and respectful to their values rather than just my own.Conclusion In conclusion, not just on media literacy, but on everything that happens in our daily lives, we need to always be able to see things from different perspectives, minimize the bias, distinguish between factual or misleading information before making a judgment on anything.

Always put oneself in another person’s shoes to get a different view on things and to understand each others’ values. With a more in-depth knowledge on being global citizens, we have the ability to build a more righteous society.


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