Red Waddle Hogs Essay

The american Red Wattle hog is red or black in color or shades between, and has a distinctive wattle.

this speices of hogs is on the endangered list with the A. L. B. C. Red Wattle hogs typically six to eight hundered pounds but can reach up to 1500 lbs. mature hogs are usually 4 feet in height and 8 feet in length ,boars are generally larger then sows . sows generally can have 8 to 10 pigglets ,but can have upto 16.

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These hogs are gentle, tolerant, protective mothers, they are generally good loking entertaining hogs .They have a differnt quality of fat then most hogs giving them a beeffy flavor that is unique to this breed . They are known for their foraging abilities,good feed conversions and disease resistance and a rapid growth rate and general hardiness . These hog allso are less active and don’t root as much as other breeds . The history of this breed of hog is not clear but they appeared in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s by a man named H.

C. Wengler in easte texas. He is credited with with devoping the Wengler red waddled hog line[note the spelling differance “dd” he wanted to make his line unique.About 20 years later robert prentice developed his own line of red wattle hogs in easte texas. These hogs were known as timber line red wattle hogs. He combined his breeding and Mr. Wengers line to create endow hog farms . During the 1980’s there was hog boom and 3 main registries of red wattle hogs were in place.

There was never a crentrall breeding data base until 1999 when the A. L. B. C. took over the breeding books with 42 registered hogs belonging to 6 breeders.

recently a red wattle hog breeders asso. was started for a bettterment of the breed .


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