Recycling and Materials Benefits World Essay

Recycling is processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce water and air pollution. Many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles and electronics can be recyclable materials. Goverments encourage their citizens to seperate their garbage and they make some rules for restaurants and supermarkets to supply recycling process. Although it is claimed that recycling is not worth all the effort, recycling matters because it saves energy, it helps economy and it prevents environmental pollution. It is maintained that recycling needs more energy and more labour, but it saves energy. It has been maintained that collection and transportation of garbage and all of the recycling process is just losing energy.

It is also asserted that it more easy to produce a material from new sources than producing it from garbage. (Q) Tierney stated, ’’Recycling may be the most wasteful activity in modern America,’’ (1996). However, if humanity uses recycling, there will be reducing in mining, quarying and logging procedures which are carried out to reach virgin materials. Besides, not using virgin materials benefits world’s source saving.(P) Heimlich states that, creating aluminum from bauxite needs 95 percent more strength than recycling it. Almost every substance uses fewer strength while it is recycled than using pure substances (n.d.).

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Furthermore, the landfills are generally at the out of town. While transporting garbage to landfill spaces, there are used more energy.Another argument in recycling is the claim that recycling is losing money yet, it is cheaper than producing new products. It has been asserted that recycling is not a profitable thing, on the contrary it is losing money because of the collection, seperation, transportation and other costs.

It is contended that recycling sometimes need extra chemicals to clean materials. Nonetheless, if recycling is used, there will be money saving because of reducing in spending natural source. Because of the decreasing in natural source, it is hard to find virgin materials.

So their prices increasing day by day. The money waste is stopped with using recycling. Moreover, nowadays new ways are developed to recycle more economically. Recycling was already saving money, but now it will be more profitable with new technologies.(S) According to epa.

gov, many towns have found economical methods for recycling like automatic grouping and managing. The public education about recycling by green groups is also helped (n.d.). It has been asserted that garbage can be eradicated easily without recycle but, recycling makes earth more clean.

It could be argued that the huge amount of garbage can be removed with new technologies like burning, transforming them to fertilizers and using them for central heating systems. On the other hand, recycling reduces the amount of hoarded rubbish from landfill spaces which expose the greenhouse gas. So, climate change is tackled by means of recycling. (P) states that, it is calculated that present UK recycling saves more than 18 million tones of CO2 a year (n.d.

). Moreover, the leakage of rubbish from landfills arrives main water channels and leads to water pollution and some diseases. It is aimed that, this problem will solve with recycling. In conclusion, recycling is worth all the efforts since, its energy saving, money saving and environmentalism.

Governments have to be more promoter for recycling and they should educate their citizens. (554)


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