Recent Commodity Price Boom Witnessed 2004 To 2008 Economics Essay

The universe observed the historic roar in recent planetary trade good monetary value from the period 2004 to 2008. The chief ground for the monetary value roar is the impressive growing rate in the underdeveloped economic systems. Weak supply is another chief factor as low monetary values which reduced the inducements to develop new capacity weakens the supply of the trade good. This economic growing was exceeding in its sort as it sustained for the longer clip and hence had a stronger impact on the planetary universe.

The demand for the trade good rises at a slower rate than universe GDP growing. The World Bank besides estimates that ground for the higher demand for trade goods is the rapid growing of the developing states. The monetary value of trade goods like oil, metals, nutrient grains and others increased aggressively because the supply of these trade good unable to run into the stronger demand of these trade goods which resulted in monetary value roar.Oil and metalsAfter the 1980s oil daze, the demand for oil fell aggressively and the place of demand of rough oil was really bad earlier 2000 as most of the states of Soviet Bloc began to apportion the resources harmonizing to the market signal and there was ample idle capacity of rough oil and the capacity in the supporting industries besides declined. Demand starts lifting rapidly foremost outside the Soviet axis, the supply does non lift with the velocity of demand. The increased demand was met by idle capacity foremost and with uninterrupted in the increased demand, supply could non maintain up the gait and consequence in roar in the monetary value. By 2004, the hibernating capacity created has been reabsorbed taking to high monetary values.

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Metallic demand besides increase in this period chiefly due to the recent investings, fabrication and export roar in China and metal sector did non hold the economic inducement to increase the production capacity.Grain marketsThe trade good monetary value roar had its impact on the agribusiness market. The ground for rise in the nutrient monetary values are categorised in two:Supply side factorsThe care of low degree of stock of cereals is the chief ground of the addition in the monetary values of the nutrient grains. The stock can non be maintained because of the deficit in the production. Extreme weather status of 2005 – 07 affected the production of cereals. As the turning concern for the clime status, the harvest output lowers down and made an impact on the supply side concern. Higher oil and fertiliser monetary values besides made it expensive to bring forth nutrient in some states as crude oil monetary values and nutrient monetary values are related to each other and hence there is an addition in conveyance cost and fertilisers cost due to increase in the crude oil monetary values.The study by the International Monetary Fund states that “ these supply rigidnesss, together with surging demand for oil equipment and services, have pushed up costs dramatically.

As a consequence, despite a 70 per centum addition in nominal investing during 2004-06, existent investing in the upstream sector has hardly grown ” .[ 1 ]Demand side factorsDemand for the grains has increased aggressively due to the outgrowth of the biofuel production which consumes most of the corn production and due to which husbandmans who are bring forthing wheat, soyabean etc are switching their land to bring forth corn which is of greater demand at that clip in order to the emerging usage of biofuel merchandises.The monetary values of crude oil merchandises are determined the retail monetary values of biofuels and as a effect of this the growing of biofuels was strongly impacting feedstock monetary values.

This addition in monetary value as we can see is due to a clear addition in the demand of the feedstock and can non be attributed to guess.Demand for biofuels had propelled non merely monetary values of maize but besides those of other nutrient merchandises, because maize was used as input in their production ( meat, domestic fowl, dairy ) or as a close replacement.The recent high trade good monetary value rise is due to the rapid and sustained economic growing and increased urbanization in the figure of developing states and that affects the ingestion forms of nutrient monetary values. The alterations in ingestion form have mostly been met through domestic production, so this is the chief ground of the monetary value rise of nutrient merchandises.The other factors which affect the nutrient monetary values are:Trade policies the authorities and the private sectors have taken assorted steps that had affected the underlying tendency on the nutrient monetary values. The limitations by some states have reduced planetary supply. Bad stocking but the big importers has contributed to higher monetary values.

Fiscal markets the function of fiscal investors in act uponing nutrient monetary values and to see if there is the demand for appropriate ordinance to restrict the impact of guess on nutrient monetary values are progressively issue of concern.Role of speculators in the recent rush in trade good monetary value from 2004 – 2008Speculators get a bad repute, particularly when trade good monetary values spike up or a currency ‘s value is shattered like it happens in the twelvemonth 2004 to 2008. This is because the media frequently confuses the line between guess and use. As it is the use where hereafter monetary values do non reflect implicit in demand and supply basicss. In use misallocation of resources takes topographic point and public assistance of the society at big is ignored. Market falls whereas Speculators are of import for hereafters market.

The most obvious map that people overlook when knocking speculators is their ability to head off deficits. The hereafters market is a traditional tool for marketer, to sell their merchandise in front of clip. In a hereafters contract, measures, monetary values and bringing day of the months are fixed, sometimes even before merchandises have been produced. Futures contracts acts as a type of insurance policy which acts as a step of protection against inauspicious conditions conditions and inordinate monetary value fluctuations.

A The ordinance of future market is the best manner to invalidate the consequence of guess in the market. The revelation and transparence in the hereafter market reduces the inordinate guess and protects the clients. The grounds discussed above in the paper for the roar in the trade good monetary values states that roar occurs due to economic activities and non with the ground of bad activities. The advantages of guess can be seen as the enlargement of trade good fiscal markets creates new chances every bit good as challenges. On the one manus, fiscal markets can heighten the liquidness, deepness, and fluidness of trade good trades, which helps monetary value discovery-a map that is more efficaciously performed within an exchange scene. Commodity fiscal markets besides contribute to the efficient allotment of hazard. Financial hedge, as a signifier of insurance, can be used by trade good market participants to cut down hazards associated with inordinate trade good monetary value volatility that complicate budgetary, fiscal, and investing programs.[ 2 ]“ Guess has non consistently contributed to higher trade good monetary values or increased monetary value volatility.

For illustration, recent IMF staff analysis ( September 2006 World Economic Outlook, Box 5.1 ) shows that bad activity tends to react to monetary value motions ( instead than the other manner around ) , proposing that the causality runs from monetary values to alterations in bad places ”[ 3 ]


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