Reasons Why Friendships End Essay

“Friends”, this word has so much depth but what exactly does it mean? A friend is a solid rock that provides assistance in time of need, a listening ear and, a personal support system. Real friendships are rare and far between. The relationship between two friends can last forever and pass on to future generations or can be short lived. Friendships end for a plethora of reasons; some are slow: where the two parties drift apart gradually, while some are abrupt and sudden.

One natural killer of friendships is distance.When a friend has to move away for one reason or the other; the distance between the two becomes an obstacle to their friendship. At first, the two might try to keep in touch via phone calls, texts messages, e-mails, phone calls. However, more often than not, these long phone calls and lengthy messages turn into unreturned calls and one word messages. Each of them now have new experiences, in most cases, the two parties meet other people and form new relationships in which the other is not part of. As a consequence of this, friendship becomes null and void and the bond connecting them together is broken.Another factor that could possibly disintegrate a friendship is a difference in upbringing.

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Each home is different from the next and child has a different view of life. It is almost impossible for two people with different backgrounds to stay as friends. Early in the relationship, this clash of belief is regarded as source of humour. Nevertheless, as time goes by the jokes and comments seem to become less hilarious. There is scarcely any body without an ideal they hold dear above other notions, or a family situation, that is not normal. These ideals differ based on family backgrounds.The minute a friend makes a joke about that philosophy, the line is crossed. Violence can be averted by feigned indifference, but the friendship rarely stays intact after that.

The person who made the taunt is from there on resented. One starts avoiding the other. The friendship slowly loses importance and finally disappears. The issues mentioned above bring about a slow malignant deterioration to a friendship; there are also elements which will bring a swifter and prompter separation between two friends. The biggest threat to a friendship is a betrayal of trust.Trust is a symbol of respect. It shows caring and consideration for another person.

It is something that is a fundamental component for a healthy friendship. Unfortunately, people often violate another person’s trust. Maybe they exploit information that has been shared in confidence, or they tell others secrets about that person. Sometimes they even turn people against their friend. Many people cannot be trusted. In a friendship where the trust has been irrevocably breached; it becomes necessary to dissolve the relationship.

An additional reason why friendships end is selfishness.In every friendship, a required amount of sacrifice is need by both parties to maintain a healthy balance. This balance is disturbed if; one friend may become far more reliant on the other than is necessary or healthy. This might start to annoy the other friend, they begin to feel like they have to carry their friend’s troubles and woes on their shoulders; and when they need support they don’t have any because, their friend is too busy depending on them. Another form of one sided friendship is when one friend becomes too protecting of another, and behaves like a jealous spouse.

Some friends might become so possessive that it maddens them to see their friend with other people. The less secure ones might even go as far as asking their friends to choose between them and others. This sort of behaviour will only succeed in driving a wedge hard and fast into the relationship. At this stage the friendship has to come to an end. Last but not the least; friendships are brought to an end, when one friend begins to dislike the other. Familiarity does breed contempt. A promising friendship which seems like it will last for donkey’s years in its budding stages can have the worst fallout.Just because that both parties are very fascinated with each other at the beginning of the friendship, does not mean that the pair will be friends forever.

After the novelty wears off, one friend might start to notice characteristics the other possesses that are not quite appealing. Underneath one friend’s charming facade might be qualities that are not exactly commendable. If one person begins to dislike or lose respect for the other, it is only certain that the friendship is surely going to sink. Friendships end for a plethora of reasons some are atural where the two parties drift apart gradually, while some are abrupt and sudden. The reason’s mentioned above are just a few, to give one a better insight on the plausible motives why friendships end , it is necessary to examine pride and communication issues. However, It doesn’t matter why, when, or even how friendships come to an end, The fact is there is always a sense of loss.

It is difficult to discern at what time to terminate a friendship, but if one happens to find one self in any of the situations above, try to end the friendship with as much decency and gentleness as pone can summon.


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