Reason personal lives of artists especially now

Reason why Caravaggio’s art was influential       The art by Caravaggio could have been the most influential in the 16th century. He managed to electrify the world of arts with many unconventional pictures and quarrelsome antics. His arts were that influential as they were deep from his emotions and thus used models in a very unorthodox and novel manner. He was in no way concerned with his academic study in the art of drawing. He painted people in real life and tried to capture the smallest of details. He tried to be very real and gave religion to people in a more understandable language without any decoration, with all its dirt.

 Reason why the conservative catholic tolerated Caravaggio        The Catholic Church did not want to get into the personal lives of artists especially now that Caravaggio supported homosexuality. Interfering with his affairs could have brought trouble to the church. Caravaggio’s most important innovations       Caravaggio was keen on inanimate objects just the same extent he was keen with people. He considered the painting of still life just as important as the painting of people. It this way he managed to elevate still life. His other great innovation was the art of using light in capturing, also known as Tenebrism. For example, “The Lute Player” that he created on 1956, is a very typical Caravaggio work involved with vivid Tenebrism technique.

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His works are against the traditional academic rigid style. Because of that, his styles which are tenebrism, straightforward to the natural, and strong outline play major roles of transforming the Renaissance humanism panting to realistic painting. He used light in a magnificent and sophisticated way. His ability to manage being realistic and at the same time use dramatic lighting and that made his art so great.Troubled artists in the current society        Even today there so many artists who suffer to create arts that people end up really liking. Such include Georgia O’Keefee and Ann Sexton.


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