Realistic another technique called motion capture (Fig.

Realistic movements can also beachieved with another technique called motion capture (Fig. 15). Motion capturetracks the movements of people and objects and translated that to animated movementsmore similar to real-life. Motion capture have two approaches: electromagneticsensors and optical makers.

The electromagnetic sensors transmit theirpositions and orientations to a processor that records the movements, suchoption is more complex to apply because the environment needs to be free frommagnetic field distortions (Spalter, 1999). The optical makers require wearingreflective makers on the clothes and that are recorded and translated into imagesby the use of video technologies. Optical makers are less accurate, but can be alow-cost option if compared to the electromagnetic ones (Spalter, 1999). Themotion capture approach is very interesting if realistic motion is desired, andagain, such result cannot be achieved with hand draw animation. 

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