Real Damage Essay

Remember getting off the bus, running to the front door, and once the door opened, tears came racing down? It’s obvious to whoever opens the door that there was a problem at school. Normally, the first thought that comes to mind is that someone was being a bully in school. Nowadays, bullying is a major deal, and there’s always different ways of bullying, but the three most common are verbal bullying, physical bullying, and cyber bullying. To start off, is physical bullying, which is self-explanatory in reality but can get out of hand. People who get bullied physically are within body contact of their bully.

For example, punching, wrestling, biting, scratching, shoving, and more are all ways to physically bully someone. Normally, the one being bullied isn’t capable of retaliating and becomes submissive. This type of harassment is known as the most obvious bullying type because it causes the victim to bruise or get scratched or even have received a broken bone in some cases.

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When it does get to this point, the bully threatens the victim that if he or she tells on him or her, worse will come to them. Physical assaults of bullying also interfere with emotions and mental ability of the victim other bodily injuries.Most of the time the victim finds him or herself defenseless and powerless against his or her bully and start to show signs of depression. There are many cases where students physically bully others by taking their possessions and destroying them. Sadly the victims cover up and never say the truth because they are afraid of what might happen to them. Another type of bullying is cyber bullying. The definition of cyber bullying is the inappropriate use of technology, such as sending messages, pictures, or information using electronic media, normally with the computer or a cell phone.

There is many of ways cyber bullying could be used.Cyber bullying has become a universal issue than it ever has been, with more and more young people using Facebook and My Space. Now, just about anyone of the age of 10 and older is at risk of being cyber bullied. People get cyber bullied on just about anything from certain pictures on the Internet, rumors others spread online even about grades.

Sadly, the outcomes from all the harassment have horrible consequences for the victims. Some people just cannot take the entire rumor and talk, so they go to extremes of skipping school or class or even suicide because of all the pressure they had.Other ways of cyber bullying are through text messages.

Students harshly harass others by anonymously sending out embarrassing photos and so on. With today’s technology, cyber bullying is easier than ever. Due to the fact that kids don’t have to confront one another they feel superior to the victim they’re bullying. Finally, there is verbal bullying, which consists of name-calling, offensive remarks, even joking about a persons gender, religion, ethnicity, economic status, or sexual preferences.Unfortunately, society has taught us to become critical of others. If only people were more accepting they would obviously think before they speak, and verbal bullying would be nothing but an old rumor. Most of all, bullying starts with a few words and then leads to many words that constantly taunt the victim in there everyday lives. Words are just as effective and hurtful as physical involvement.

An example of verbal bullying is, for instance, when a girl is walking down a school hallway and there are rumors that she cheated on her partner.She automatically becomes called foul names, and it’s passed on all through the hallways as a virus with every step she takes. Hence, bullying is a serious issue all over the world, and all types of it are very affecting to people and can cause real damage to the victims or to there families if the victim takes extreme action. Verbal bullying, physical bullying, and cyber bullying are all extreme and they must be taken seriously. If we all pull together to help bullied victims speak up for themselves we can make a better and happier place for all.


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