Reading Response Logs on Lord of the Flies Chapter 11 Essay

For most of the novel, this has been true. Ralph, as a leader, should have been quicker and more able to take action in the beginning of their arrival at the island.

I think that maybe if Ralph had taken action quicker, and was more firm, then things wouldn’t have spiraled out of control into this. Ralph must feel horrible, since he was elected chief at first. I know how he feels – to be a leader that failed everyone.It’s a lot of pressure since it can promote a lot of stress, and if one thing fails, who is everyone going to point their fingers at? The person who is in charge of everything and responsible for everyone, who in this case, is Ralph.

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I think that this will be the turning point of Ralph’s behavior. Now, in a time of crisis, he will be able to think more carefully. If I were in that position, I would as well. I can think of many creative ideas to get out of trouble. Piggy fell 40 feet and landed on his back across the square red rock in the sea.

” (p. 181) What surprises me is that the boys on Jack’s side do not feel any shame for killing Piggy, for they say that it was Ralph’s fault that they had to do it. Then, after they see his brains fall out, they turn towards Ralph to attack him. They’re all little kids for god’s sake. It’s really scary to see civilized British boys devolve into a ruthless killing tribe.Ralph now faces the full guilt of letting one of his closest friends die. He had led them into this, and he couldn’t fix the problem. Then things went bad.

I feel bad for Ralph. This has happened many times to me and many others as well. Sometimes I go into the situation, and I think I know what I’m doing. But then, out of nowhere, a bunch of other factors I didn’t think of show up. Then I mess up, and afterwards I have a feeling of failure.

I can very well relate to Ralph’s feelings, just not as violent.


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