Reading Long and Short Goals Essay

University of Phoenix Material Reading Strategies Worksheet Identify two reading goals, one short-term and one long-term. •Long-term reading goal: adhere to an weekly reading schedule •Short-term reading goal: try not to procrastinate and stay focus Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: •How do you currently approach the weekly readings in the course? I approach my weekly reading by previewing how much I need to read. That way I can mentally prepare myself to remain focus.I make sure that I am at home with no distractions and just in a quiet peaceful environment. I start of by creating an outline and breaking up the readings in different section.

I never like reading, in general. So, therefore I try to make it fun. Writing down a lot of keys points, highlighting, adding my own notes, even drawing pictures. I print off the review questions, while I’m at work or out I have someone help me review them. This is how I approach my weekly readings.

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•How might you incorporate three of the suggestions covered this week into your study time?Three suggestions I might incorporate in my study time would be the mapping, reading with concentration and review process. I will incorporate the mapping process by creating and outline of the headings and subheadings in each chapter. Also another way will be to create flash cards.

The reason why I prefer this technique, not only I will be able to understand the chapter but is also fun. Next, I would incorporate reading with concentration. By finding a location removed from distraction noise. Making sure my cell phone and any electronics is off. Last but not least I will incorporate reviewing.By therefore going back to the outline or reading over my flash cards I made.

Answer the review questions at the end of the chapter or asking a friend to help me review. •How might this plan help you accomplish your reading goals? This plan could help me accomplish my reading goals by helping me to focus and comprehend more. It will help me with my short term goals by, concentrating more on reading. Being able to first preview what I will be reading. Steer away from loud places so I can remain focus. Make it more visual and fun, so I won’t procrastinate.

With my long term goal, is to break my reading up in different sections. Don’t try to read everything in one day. Start previewing and outlining, a couple of pages on Wednesday night. Thursday review what I read. Saturday read and takes notes on a couple of more pages. Sunday review what I read. Finally Monday finish reading last pages, answer review questions.

This will help me to read more efficiently, and retain the information I have read. My using the flashcards I will be able to study anywhere and at any time. They will also help me refresh my memory fur future quizzes.


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