Reaction The Jackie Robinson Story Research Essay

Reaction The Jackie Robinson Story Essay, Research PaperUpon sing the movie, ? The Jackie Robinson Story? , one can merely inquire the inquiry was it truly like that? Was Jackie harrassed and tormented by virtually everyone but a choice few. This paper will discourse the effectivity or non-effectiveness of the movie, and include thoughts based on the whether or non the movie accurately portrays Jackie? s life narrative. I will non merely discourse the events of his childhood but besides his life as a adult person.I should foremost get down out by stating that in my sentiment the show was really effectual at the manner that society in general percieved Black Americans.

At the beginning of the show, it shows many immature male childs having land balls from their baseball manager. A immature Jackie Robinson was standing on 2nd base and asked courteously for his bend. Immediately one manager said to another? Watch this? and proceded to hit a shriek land ball in his way. Well Jackie being every bit good as he was proceded to field the ball and throw it back to the manager as if it were everyday to him. Once once more the manager said, ? Well watch this one? , one time once more he hit a shriek land ball, that most childs in high school would non stand in forepart of, but one time once more Jackie stabbed it and returned it decently to his manager. This amazed the manager, and non merely did it astonish him but besides for everyone that witnessed the occurance. What was the large trade you ask? Well he did it without even holding a baseball mitt on either manus. You see Jackie was to hapless to have his ain Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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This illustration shows the what the normal reaction of most caucations was back in the late 1920? s and through the later. The bulk at this clip was caucasion, and if you were black you were looked upon as non even qualifing as a? human being. ?This can besides be seen subsequently in the film when Jackie as a adult adult male, that is enrolled in a good known athletic establishment & # 8211 ; UCLA is using for training occupations. There should be no ground that a alumnus of UCLA can non happen a occupation someplace within this state. Since Jackie was slightly a well-known black jock he was being denied a occupation. His brother a alumnus of college received a occupation, but non any occupation ; as a individual that cleaned streets for a life. At this clip that is the sort of occupation that Black Americans could keep if they were lucky.

When Jackie foremost set pes on the baseball field, his ain manager was asked if he thought that baseball could accept this adult male into it? s conference. The manager responded with? Well, allow? s see if I can accept him first. ? This movie does a great occupation in portraying the battles that Jackie and all coloured individuals enduruddy throughout these times.

When his squad, the? Jaguars? was on the route they had to go from town to town to play ball games. This was the manner they made their money. There were no contracts, there were no fancy hotels waiting for them.

They had to halt at diners to see if they could even be fed. To me this is a great portraiture of how they had to fight between repasts. Some topographic point would non even function them merely because they were black, and when they did acquire Federal they could non sit down in the eating house and eat they had to eat it on the coach. After Jackie had made the squad due to a loyal Branch Rickey, the fans and besides some of his ain teammates criticized the Dodger Organization.

Chiefly Rickey himself. Some participants petitioned that they would non experience comfy with Robinson on the squad. One case in the movie, was when Jackie was jumped by three gentlemen after his game and so threatened that he better non play in tommorrow? s game or else. These are many illustrations of the sort of torturing that was forced upon Robinson, merely because he was a coloured jock seeking to do it in a white adult male? s game.One country in which I disagree with the movie is on how everyone reacted toward Robinson as a Black American. I believe that it was more violent than the movie portrays. I think that an incident of such magnitude had to hold affected his household.

I mean that his female parent in my sentiment likely received some awful phone calls or letters, the movie ne’er shows anything of this kind. I am certain that Robinson likely had a unsmooth route coming through the organisation excessively. I can non believe that his ain teammates accepted him every bit easy as they did in the movie. The movie portrays his life after get downing baseball as one that has small struggles. I say this because this adult male is about to interrupt the colour barrier of a game that has consisted of a bulk of caucasions since it was introduced to this state long ago.This movie focused on the facet of an inter-racial? Organized Baseball League. ? In this paper I have selected this as my chief nonsubjective to discourse.

The movie for the most portion to me was overall effectual. The characters did a great occupation portraying their functions, the scenes were set up nicely. In my sentiment it gave an accurate discription of the sort of problems that non merely Jackie Robinson had to digest but besides all individuals of different racial backgrouds.

Overall the film was good put together and good structured. It merely could of included a much more realistic point of position of the adversities that all Black American? s encountered because of the attempt of one adult male to assist alter a larger portion of society.


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