Raymond Carver Cathedral Essay

Journal 4 HUM310 1 of This is a short story about an interaction between an unnamed narrator and his wife’s friend. The narrator’s wife had a friendship relationship with Robert, a blind man. I can relate this story to two different plays. One play is the narrator’s wife relationship with a blind man. The second play is the relationship of the narrator and the blind man. At first the narrator didn’t fully accept Robert relationship with his wife. The narrator changed his views about Robert at a later stage, when Robert visited them. Raymond Carver in his story described the narrator conflict with the blind man.

The narrator views changed and transformed at a later stages. In the beginning the narrator feared the blind man, he was worried. Towards the end of the story, his views changed, he accepted the fact that Robert is a blind man. When Robert visited the narrator and his wife, he developed a special relationship with the narrator. Robert approached the narrator and helped him draw a cathedral. At this special moment, the narrator felt a human touch and peaceful moment.

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Raymond Carver ends the story with emotional seen, showing a blind man helping the narrator draw a drawing.This ending to the story leaves many questionable answers. I would like to support the story end with the following quote “I stared hard at the shot of the cathedral on the TV. How could I even begin to describe it? But say my life depended on it.

Say my life was being threatened by an insane guy who said I had to do it or else. ” (Page 9). In this quotation, the narrator tried to describe a cathedral that appeared on the television to Robert. The narrator had difficulties in describing the cathedral.

At that moment Robert grabbed his hand and guided him with the drawing.


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