Rapid appearance of new, effective carriers is

Rapid growth of popularity of the World Wide Web defined use of its resources as advertizing media. The Internet became the completely functional tool capable to compete with? offline types of advertizing, but? at the same time not? requiring big financial expenses. Constant audience accumulation of the Internet and? appearance of new, effective carriers is given to? to Internet advertizing market growth.?eklama in? Networks? – the form of online advertizing which uses this resource in? quality of channels of communication for customer acquisition 3.

At the same time feature of the environment of the Internet is its sverkhinformatsionnost which differs in the increased efficiency of communicating process what allows to provide interaction of participants of the market on? essentially new qualitative level. Visitors are attracted on? the website for acquaintance with? advertizing sentences, their placements and? search of a customer of goods. Thus, Internet advertizing? – it is an opportunity to watch only those messages which potentially are interesting, and? its purpose? – not? actually demonstration of production, and? response of the user.Independent type of activity which belongs to? to electronic business, internet marketing is 2. Its popularity grows not? only among the companies, but? and? among ordinary net surfers who aim to advance the websites, blogs (tab.

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1).The Belarusian Internet audience in? 2014? on? to comparing with? 2011? extended more than on? 42%. Grew and? number of users of the mobile Internet.

In revenue breakdown from? communication services in? to the republic the share of means continues to increase from? provisions of access in? Network (tab. 2). In? 2014? their there was more on? 27,5% on? to comparing with? 2013? what made 11,3% of income from? total amount of communication services.It is worth marking what Internet users differ in higher level of education and? financial wellbeing on? to comparing with? customers of traditional types of advertizing (tab.

3).The vendor, beginning advertizing campaign, conducts audience research with? the purpose of detection of the most effective channels of its distribution using the increased loyalty at? target customer. At the same time the advertiser is interested in a level of influence of this or that advertizing means on? users, and? also its accessibility. These data allow to plan most effectively and? to distribute allocations on? advertizing activities.According to the Ministry of Trade, the Belarusian vendors began to spend more on? advertizing of the goods what brought to? to essential development of this market.

For? last year growth rate of advertizing budgets in? to the sphere of production of foodstuff made 147%, footwear? – 132%, retail and? wholesale trade? – 133% and? 151% respectively 8.According to the consulting company “Media Audit”, the volume of the advertizing market on? to the main media (radio, the press, television, outdoor advertizing, the Internet) in? the first half of the year 2014? made 67 million dollars of the Software? to comparing with? comparable period of 2013? growth of advertizing budgets is watched on? last three resources


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