Rampal coal-based power plant. Among them respiratory

Rampalpower plant, which is currently being constructed in the middle of Sundarbanswill be creating a serious environmental issue. The nature of Bangladesh willbe destroyed, the country will be more natural disaster prone, and the worldwill go one step closer to its imminent natural death. Local authorities havegrown really interested in this topic, but the government isn’t paying any heedto the anxious complaints of the people.Power plants produce carbon, whose dangerousness is at its rise. Carbonemission traps heat inside the earth, for which the temperature is rising,causing the polar ice to melt. Due to this, as Bangladesh is a low land area,if the pollutions keep going the country will soon be submerged in water.

Carbon emission also creates ozone smog. It depletes the ozone layer, causingsolar radiation to reach inside earth’s atmosphere.Carbon pollution also causes droughts.

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Droughts are the main reason for scarcityof food.Crops cant grow, water sources dries out, causing food defiecit across thearea. This also makes the land uncultivable. It increases the temperature andcauses natural life to become extinct from the area.Another kind of pollution the Rampal Power plant may cause is particlepollution. This kind of pollution is generally known as soot. Soots pollute anddegrades particle around the area. So soon people will be unable to live in thenear areas of Sundarbans.

Many kinds of mercurypollution occurs due to coal-based power plant. Among them respiratorydiseases, kidney diseases, birth defects are notable. Due to this lifeexpectancy decreases. Water gets polluted.

Fruits don’t grow anymore, naturallife withers.Due to Rampal power plant, 6000 babies will die of premature death, areas likenoakhali, satkhira, Khulna will be danger prone, and Bangladesh will be facingmore and more natural calamities. So our only hope is that minimum damage iscaused by the power plant, which only god knows will be possible or not.


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