Rainy Season in India Essay

India is mostly a hot country. The summer season starts in April and goes up to the month of October every year. The months of April, May and June are very hot almost all over the country. The rainfall in India occurs mainly in summer season.

The months of rain are from June to September. All rains in India are brought by monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean. They start blowing in the month of June and cover the entire country by the middle of June.

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The months of May and June are extremely hot.The earth goes dry and the grass is almost scorched. Every living creature feels miserable because of the merciless sun.

The traffic dust-storms add fuel to the fire and the hot burning winds almost parch the body. With the first shower of rain, the heat loses its intensity. The weather becomes cool and pleasant for some time though there is humidity in it. With the onset of rains the grass starts growing everywhere.

There is greenery everywhere. Farmers sow summer crops that make the fields also green in a month or so.After the rains it is again hot for a month or so. This period is known as the second summer. After this second summer, the winter season sets in and the ghost of summer is left far behind. The monsoons bring torrents of rainfall and the dry tracts of soil bloom into green fields. Now the government is trying to harness the rain water to irrigate more and more area.

But the flood control measures have not so far paid dividends to the extent we expected.


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