Railroads Question 3 Farmers saw adherence a

  Railroads began to fail due to expenses, the supporting business, frombanks to steel mills began to fail too. When the economy started to get worse Americansstarted to suffer, the federal government offer pointless and few solutions,then the populist movement began to grow. The populist group went to the 1896election anticipating the mass of Americans struggling in which they wouldsupport their movement for change.

   (Corbett, 2017)Question 4The populist party made a wise decision in choosing to support thedemocratic party candidate in the 1896 because it increased a growing nationaldepression where Americans recognized the importance of a leader with soundeconomic policies. McKinley accumulated 2 million votes than his republican predecessorBenjamin Harrison. (Corbett,2017)Question 3Farmers saw adherence a strict gold standard as their most pressingproblem. Farmers struggled with economic hardships due to rapidly decliningfarm prices, high tariffs on items they needed to buy, and foreign competition.The challenge that they most struggled with was overproduction in which theirproducts in the marketplace made the price lower and lower. Also farmers had abig problem in debt, like local stores where they bought their supplies orrailroads that shipped the things that they produced, they responded to increasedcrop production every year in the hope of earning more money to pay their debt.Farmers needed more money in circulation, the government didn’t care more aboutissues of patronage and how to stay more than 4 years in the white house attime.

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(Corbett,2017)Question 2When the gilded age started to begin many presidents had little power duein large part to called into question elections. Americans began to createtheir own solutions which was the establishments of new political parties thatdirectly address the problems that they faced. Politicians catered to businessinterest in exchange for political wealth and support in which manyparticipated in making money in a dishonest way often explaining their actionswith the excuse of corruption.

Americans started to live in urban centers, theywere unable to accommodate the numbers of working poor. Farmers couldn’t managewith the challenges of low prices for crops and high costs for everyday goods. Thismade Americans turn further away from federal government for help which lead tothe rise of fractured and unethical political groups. (Corbett, 2017)Question 1


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