Raheja built environment. I personally believe that

RahejaDevelopers is a real estate development company based in New Delhi.

Today ithas sturdy presence in New Delhi region and it is recognized as the largestconstruction and real estate companies in India. It is also recognized as thefastest growing construction companies and creating impact by offeringluxurious residential and commercial projects. The company also posted hugeturnover and rapidly increasing profits every year. The company also boasts itshuge presence with sanctions over 60 million sq. ft worth of projects.

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Currently project Navin Minar is under development and it is the tallestresidential building in the capital. Currently it has around 3000 employees. ¬†¬†Despitethe progress, we as a company should ask ourselves: “are wedoing enough?”. At Raheja we are always very excited about creatingpositive change. Our Vision is to create a future where our projects andinfrastructure are a part of flow of resources and raw materials which arereusable and sustainable such that we can help regenerate our planet. We notonly need to make some changes to our management but also work with our clientsto ensure flourishing, low carbon future that builds resilient communities.Writingthis report has prompted me to ask some questions which include: “are we at least sustaining our goal of sustainability? Or Isour sustainability system kaput? Which areas in our projects can we push ittowards net zero?”.

Sustainability has become a key aspect in our industrytoday and we recognize it as a long-term success for our clients. Huge projectsand constructions that we manage have energy, water, waste and other kinds ofchemicals built in. We must go a step ahead and realize that we need tocollaborate with our clients to create a regenerative and climate resilientbuilt environment. I personally believe that sustainability can only happenwith a strong and committed leadership and its employees.


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