Ragtime Essay

Dr. Young AP Lang: Ragtime Essay10/13/12 Throughout history, the impoverished community has been known to face many problems and have no say in any aspect of society. The voice of the weak isn’t often heard, and it all comes down to one thing: money. The world revolves around money, so to speak.

Money and power go hand in hand as people of power generally tend to have an abundance of wealth. Since the wealthy have heavy influences on the economy and politics, the less fortunate often suffer.Poor people have trouble “climbing up the social ladder,” tend to not have an influence on politics, and have difficulty raising proper families. E. L. Doctorow shows how hard it is for the members of the impoverished community to raise families successfully through the protagonists in Ragtime. Adam Davidson discusses how hard it is for a poor person to become successful in “The Purpose of Spectacular Wealth, According to a Spectacularly Wealthy Guy. Lastly, in an editorial from USA Today, “Disclose secret campaign finance”, it is shown how little an influence the poor have on politics.

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One major problem that the impoverished community have faced throughout history, is having a difficult time providing for a family. This often leads to people doing things out against their morals, out of desperation for money. Mameh, a protagonist from Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow, is forced to sleep with her boss for extra money. Her job doesn’t pay her enough money to help support her husband and daughter.

Not only does she go against her own morals, but also recieves a bad reputation in society. Her husband, Tateh, even leaves her, taking their daughter with him because he feels that she has brought shame upon his family. Although Mameh was only trying to help support her family, she was shunned away by her husband.

She couldn’t retain her values and keep a family at the same time. A sacrifice had to be made to provide for her family, but in the end she lost it all. Another character, Tateh, is faced with many struggles in raising his daughter in New York.They live in very harsh conditions and Tateh does not bring in enough money to better their situation.

He has to constantly keep her on a leash because he doesn’t want to lose her. As a result, she is unable to live a healthy life, have a successful education, or have a successful social life. These are essentials for growing children. Not only is Tateh not able to rise economically, but now his daughter will not be able to either because she is being held back from her full potential.

His voice is unheard; he is on his own to raise his daughter and is weak.The sole reason for his condition is the lack of money. Members of the impoverished community continue to have problems raising a successful family, even in todays times. Another major problem that the less fortunate face is the inability to rise economically and socially. Adam Davidson’s article in the New York Times, “The Purpose of Spectacular Wealth, According to a Spectacularly Wealthy Guy,” describes how rich people are presented with many opportunities in life that help them to make advancements.However, these same opportunities are not always present for people of lower economic statuses. Members of the wealthy class are able to take risks that make more money for them, an idea unheard of in the impoverished community. Edward Conard, an extremely wealthy man from New York believes that, “the superrich spend only a small portion of their wealth on personal comforts; most of their money is invested in productive businesses that make life better for everyone.

This is coming from a man whose wealth is “most likely in the hundreds of millions; he lives in an Upper East Side town house just off Fifth Avenue; and he is one of the largest donors to his old boss and friend, Mitt Romney. ” Conard leads a very successful life and cannot sympathize with those less fortunate than him. He believes that the government should give money to the rich rather than to the poor as he clearly states, “… it’s so crucial that his former boss — who believes that government should help the investor class — win this November.

By supporting the notion that by making the wealthy, richer, better investments can be made that will benefit society as a whole, the impoverished community suffers. This is because they’re not receiving any aid from the upper classes and the government, which could help them “climb up the economic and social ladders. ” Making the rich even wealthier is a mistake because they already live successful lives, and the less fortunate should at least have an opportunity to make something of themselves.Education is also a major problem for the impoverished community as it plays a major role in advancing economically and socially. In fact, Conard himself has an education from the Harvard Business School, one of the top business schools in the nation. A degree from this school made it possible for him to obtain a higher paying job and to advance economically and socially.

The better your education, the more money you make. Not only was he intelligent but, Conard could afford the education.However, this is not always the case for even the brightest of the impoverished community, as they cannot afford to attend big schools like Harvard University.

As a result, their voice isn’t heard in society and they don’t leave an impact on the world. , even though many hope to. Overall, it comes down to the lack of money, and it hinders the poor from reaching new levels of wealth. A third problem that the impoverished community faces is the lack of influence in politics. An editorial from USA Today, “Disclose secret campaign finance,” shows who really plays a big role in politics and why the poor don’t.


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