Racism in U.S.A Essay

Racism has been a major issue since the white people dominated America. Back then when the European brought the African people to America as slaves.

The heaviest burdens of racism in the country have fallen upon Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, American Jews and some other immigrant groups and their descendants.What is racism?Racism is the conviction that the members of one race are inherently superior to the members of other races. Hence, racist individuals believe that members of certain races are prone to criminal or dishonest behavior; other races are prone to greed and aggression; still other races are prone to immoral activities and promiscuous conduct.Why do people become racist?A child is not born as racist. If the child is not exposed to racism in its environment, there is no reason for it to become racist. If however, the child has been brought up to look at people as belonging to a group, such as blacks or whites, instead of individuals, it will begin to compare the groups, and draw conclusions depending on the group that they belong to, instead of the way they are as person. Some people become racist because their family or friends teach them from a young age, that it is right to discriminate among people and cultures.

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Some people listen to the media and take the attitude they see on T.V. and radio and think that all of a particular race is in a certain way.The Ku Klux KlanThe Ku Klux Klan was a secret society formed in the year 1865 in USA. The Ku Klux Klan is a racist, anti-Semitic movement, whom focused its anger and violence on African-Americans, on white Americans who stood up for them, and against the federal government, which supported their rights.

Subsequent incarnations of the Klan, which typically emerged in times of rapid social change, added more categories to its enemies list, including Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, and different groups of immigrants.


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