Racism in New Urbanism Essay

Racism in New Urbanism            Racial issues have plagued humanity. However, there are instances when policies and projects directed toward the benefit of people, such as Urbanism, are being distorted and polluted by social disease.

  Indeed, the premises of New Urbanism disregard race and ethnicity, but to some extent the question of racial alienation comes in the picture.            It is considerable to think that much of the racial implications on the project is attributed to the psychological backlash of racism on particular minority groups such as the African-American population. In this sense, most African-Americans reside in centralized urban areas.  However, it is also important to emphasize that the purpose of the New Urbanism project does not consider race a factor (Silverman & Dean 229).  Thus falsifying implications that new Urbanism is racially alienating.            Basically, the sole intent of New Urbanism is to improve urban areas and establish communities with balanced socio-economic conditions.  The primary purpose of the project then is to improve the quality of lives in urban areas, regardless of the dominant race in residence (Silverman & Dean 229).

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  As such, the advocates of New Urbanism need not to consider the possibility of racial alienation, despite the fact that not all people are comfortable in a diverse neighborhood.            It is arguable that most African-Americans express resentment over their Caucasian counterparts. However, racial issues are beyond the scope of the project.  The integral part of the project is to establish balanced communities with equal opportunities among residents, despite the racial variation.  Whether or not to live in a community of mixed skin tones is the prerogative of the individual and not of the New Urbanism proponents.

Works CitedSilverman, Jonathan and Rader, Dean. The World is a Text: The Writing, Reading, and      Thinking  About Culture and Its Contexts (2nd Edition). New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2005.


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