Questions on Coke and Pepsi Learning to compete in India Essay

1. The political environment in India has proven to be critical to company public presentation for both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola India. What Specific facets of the political environment have played cardinal functions? Could these effects have been anticipated prior to market functions? If non could developments in the political sphere have been handled better by each company?

Ans The key specific facets of the political environment have India seen as unfriendly to foreign investors for many old ages, The “ Principle of Indigenous Availability ” ( Policy censoring imports being sold in India ) , The Liberalization of India ‘s Government in 1991 ( “ New Industrial Policy ” , Trade regulations & A ; ordinances simplified, Foreign investing increased ) , Pepsi enters in 1986 became “ Lehar Pepsi ” , Coca-Cola follows in 1993 became “ Coca-Cola India ” . These effects could n’t hold influence to market function. Coke could hold agreed to get down new bottling workss alternatively of purchasing out Parle, and therefore would n’t hold had to hold to sell 49 % of their equity.

2. Timing of entry into the Indian market brought different consequences for PepsiCo and Coca-Cola India. What benefits or disadvantages accrued as a consequence of earlier or later market entry? Ans Pepsi & gt ; & gt ; Advantages – Entered the market Before Coca-Cola and was able to derive a bridgehead in the market while it was still developing. – Gained 26 % market portion by 1993

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Disadvantages -Were forced to alter their name to Lehar Pepsi -Govt. limited their soft drink gross revenues to less than 25 % of entire gross revenues

Coca-Cola & gt ; & gt ; Advantages -Were able to purchase 4 bottling workss from industry leader Parle -Also bought Parle ‘s taking trade names: Thums Up, Limca, Citra, Gold Spot, Mazaa

Disadvantages -Denied entry until 1993 because Pepsi was already at that place -Harder to set up market portion with Pepsi there

3. The Indian market is tremendous in footings of population and geographics. How have the two companies responded to the sheer graduated table of operation in India in footings of merchandise policies, promotional activities, pricing policies, and distribution agreements? Ans Product policies & gt ; & gt ; – Entering with merchandises near to those already available in India such as Colas, fruit drinks, carbonated Waterss, Coca-Cola presenting Sprite late, and Introducing new merchandises is bottled H2O. Promotional activities & gt ; & gt ; – Both advertise and use promotional stuff at Navrartri are Pepsi gives off premium rice and confect with Pepsi and Coca-Cola offers free base on ballss, Coke giveaways every bit good as holidaies. Pricing policies & gt ; & gt ; – Pepsi started out with an aggressive pricing policy to seek to acquire immediate market portion from Indian rivals, Coca-Cola cut its monetary values by 15-25 % in 2003. Distribution arrangements & gt ; & gt ; – Production workss and bottling centres placed in big metropoliss all around India, More added as demand grew and as new merchandises were added.

4. “ Global localisation ” ( glocalization ) is a policy that both companies have implemented successfully. Give illustrations for each company from the instance.

Ans Pepsi – In maintaining with local gustatory sensations, Pepsi launched its Lehar 7UP in the clear lemon class. – In 1990, Pepsi Foods Ltd. changed the name of their merchandise to “ Lehar Pepsi ” to conform with foreign coaction regulations. Coca Cola – For the festival of Navrartri, Coca-Cola issued free base on ballss to the jubilation in each of its “ Thums Up ” bottles. -Also ran particular publicities where people could win free holidaies to Goa, a resort province in western India.

5. How can Pepsi and Coke confront the issues of H2O usage in the industry of their merchandises? How can they defuse future boycotts or presentations against their merchandises? How effectual are activist groups like the 1 that launched the run in California? Should Coke turn to the group straight or merely allow fad lessen?

Ans The Company confront that pesticides were present in the groundwater in India and found their manner into nutrient merchandises in general “ compared pesticide degrees in soft drink are negligible ” . I think they can demonstrations against their merchandises. After all the bad imperativeness Coke got in India over the pesticide content in its soft drinks, an militant group in California launched a run directed at U.S. college campuses, impeaching Coca Cola of India of utilizing cherished groundwater, intertwining its drinks with pesticides, and providing husbandmans with toxic waste used for fertilising their harvests. Then Coke should turn to the group straight.

6. Which of the two companies do you believe has better long-run chances for success in India? Ans In my sentiment, Pepsi because Pepsi has better selling and advertisement schemes, more widely accepted and more market portion than Coca Cola.

7. What lessons can each company draw from its Indian experience as it contemplates entry into other Big Emerging Markers?

Ans Pepsi ‘s lessons learned that are publicizing is done during the cultural festival, good to maintain with local gustatory sensations, market tendencies, Celebrity entreaty makes for exceeding advertisement, and It pays to maintain up with emerging tendencies in the market. Coca-Cola ‘s lessons learned that are set up particular publicities where people could win free holidaies and Coca-Cola know approximately should hold been more careful of when they entered the market what they were assuring when they entered, wage specific attending to trades made with the authorities and advertisement is important.

8. Remark on the determination of both Pepsi and Coke to come in the bottled H2O market alternatively of go oning to concentrate on their nucleus merchandises carbonated drinks and cola-based drinks in peculiar. Ans In my sentiment, Pepsi and Coke have good scheme because nowadays the bottled H2O is turning more quickly of H2O market.


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