Question: start a business making wooden hanging

Question:      Joniand Ben joined forces to start a business making wooden hanging baskets.

Thegardening store in their community is willing to buy every basket Joni and Bencan make. Since Joni is saving money for university, she is keen to ramp uptheir production and work full throttle all spring and summer. Lately, Jonifeels Ben has been slacking off leaving her with the lion’s share of the work.Ben feels he’s doing as much as he can, but since he joined a new band his timeis limited. Ben still wants to be an active partner in the business.·       Identify positions (“what are theysaying?”) of each side of the people in conflict.

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 Ans:        According to Joni she spends her wholetime in business with full attention. But Ben doesn’t gave proper time. Ifattitude of Ben remains same it would be difficult for both to work together.Joni wants that Ben should have to gave time to their business.        On the other side, Ben feels he’s doingas much as he can. Ben is doing another part time job ,he has a lot of work, soit is difficult for him to gave proper time to both jobs.     ·       What are Joni and Ben’s true needsand desires? What is the layer under the conflict? (Joni wants to devote thetime in order to make money, whereas Ben wants to ease up on the time he’sspending working for the business.

)  Ans:        Joni wants to make money as soon aspossible, because she is saving money for university. She spends her whole timefor this purpose. But has no such need. He is doing another job and not givingenough time to this business.        The layer of conflict increases if bothcan’t understand each other situation.

But this layer of conflict can bereduced if they compromise with each other and try to find a better solutiontogether.   ·       Brainstormpossible solutions to their conflict.  Ans:1.     Firstsolution is that both have to compromise with each other.

Joni spend her timeon business and Ben is able to spend money because he has no such issue ofmaking money. 2.     AsJoni has money issues then she also do a part time job to meet her desires.3.     Benshould also compromise and if he is not able to gave time to both jobs than heshould leave second, he is unable to leave first because they have partnership.

     ·       Discuss how each solution wouldaffect each side and figure out possible compromises. Ans:1.     If we concentrate on first solution, if bothunderstand each other situations than it is better for bot. Joni spend time andBen spend money. In this way both have no issue because they are doingaccording to their wish.2.

     Secondly, if Joni find another job than shecarry on both, in this way she will be able to earn money for university assoon as possible.3.     Thirdly, if Joni understands that Ben isspending money, although he is engaged in another job but he is also doing workfor their business.

Joni spend time and Ben spend money. I think third solutionis best. It is profitable for both.    


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