Question and Red Lights Essay

Misrepresentation or Misuse Misrepresentation or Misuse In today’s society, there is a tremendous amount of advertisements to help guide and lure people to into believing or buying certain things. As we venture out in life, it would be beneficial to know how to determine the distinction in misleading information. After the completion of my weekly readings, I will complete two even numbered questions from “Chapter 12 Supplement” of Mathematics in Our World.

The purpose of this essay is to; identify what types of misrepresentation or misuse that is demonstrated in the statement and question I chose, while referring to the guided information in the “Chapter 12 Supplement. ” The first question I chose to analyze is number six on page 686 of Mathematics in Our World. The problem is: #6- In an ad for moisturizing lotion, the following claim is made: “…it’s the #1 dermatologist recommended brand.

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” What is misleading about this claim? First, this statement is an example of Suspect Samples.It does not state any proof that it is dermatologist recommended. In addition, it states that dermatologist “recommend” it. This means that dermatologist might also recommend another kind as well. Another misleading fact is that the study does not state how many dermatologists were used in the study. There are so many that it is probable that not all of them were surveyed.

According to Bluman (2005), “When interpreting results from studies using small examples, convenience samples, or volunteer samples, care should be used when generalizing the results to the entire population” (p. 681).The second question I chose was number fourteen on page 688 of Mathematics in Our World. The problem is: Explain why this survey question might lead to an erroneous conclusion. #14- “How often do you run red lights? ” First, this question is an example of Asking Biased Questions.

It is automatically assuming someone actually runs red lights. There may not be many people who have never ran a red light, but still it is assuming everyone has. According to Bluman (2005), “By asking a question in a certain way, the researcher can lead the respondents to answer the question the way the researcher wants them to” (p.

85). In conclusion, I was able to identify two different types of misrepresentation and misuse that is demonstrated in the statement and question I chose for this assignment. With the numerous amount of advertising in today’s society, people need to be aware on telling the difference in what they are being told to buy or asked to believe. From this assignment, I have gained the knowledge to try to determine which statements and or question might be misleading or misused.References Bluman, A.

G. (2005). Mathematics in our world (1st ed. Ashford University Custom). United States: McGraw-Hill.

ISBN: 9780077212049


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