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Qualityimprovements in an organization are primarily based on research and thoroughanalysis of all the processes happening within an organization. Reflectivepractice serves an integral role in interpreting and analyzing events with thekey intent of creating a positive impact. It is with this profound reason thatI chose to convert my reflection in a journal format with the primary objectiveof using my findings to improve the healthcare services provided to patients. Myreflective journal will also provide a great avenue to review the current rolesplayed by the health practitioners and how best they can serve their patients.

Issuesthat need to be addressedOneof the issues that need to be addressed is with regards to the use oftechnology.  Technology is a paramounttool that best serves to reduce workload whilst promoting accuracy and qualitywork. However, most of the hospitals nearby are yet to adapt to the currenttechnology that is meant to refine clinical practices. This was clearly evidentas a vast majority of hapless patients have been forced wait for longer periodsbefore being administered to by the professional medical practitioners. Thepatients remain unattended to as a result of the hospital losing the patient’srecords. Additionally, the hospital lack of organization is detrimental to thepatients who instead of receiving help end up getting more confused on wherethey are supposed to get help. Lack of organization clearly portrays poormanagement practices by the directors of the hospital.

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  Issuesto be measured and monitored in my quality planItis imperative for the organization to access the current general performancewith the aim of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of certain processes. Someof the issues that need to be measured and monitored include; the employees’performance and the customer’s satisfaction with regards to the hospitalservices received. This is eminently essential as it would assist the organizationin identifying areas that need urgent intervention. Performance measurement isa crucial exercise that is intended to provide early warning and correctionsystem which would otherwise highlight any undesirable changes in processoperations (Goppe & Galloway, 2017). Roleof Technology and LeadershipTechnologyplays a crucial role in providing effective services to the patients.

It iswith this reason that the hospital needs to incorporate the best of theavailable current technologies as part of its operation (Goppe & Galloway,2017). The organization can introduce technologies that support frontline staffwho would be at a better position to serve the patients by providing them withthe necessary information and directions (In Joshi et al., 2014). Furthermore,the hospital may introduce information systems that allow staff to speedilyaccess and safely keep the patient’s records. Aside from technology, goodleadership is paramount in ensuring that the organization attains its goal ofproviding quality healthcare services to the patients.  In order to measure the level of performanceafter implementing new interventions, the organization may introduce shortsurveys and feedback sessions to the patients who have received treatment fromthe hospital (In Joshi et al., 2014).ReferencesGopee,N.

, & Galloway, J. (2017). Leadership and management in healthcare.InJoshi, M., In Ransom, E. R.

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