Pursuing an outstanding level of attentiveness and

Pursuing a  degree especially at The University of Queen Mary will expand my intellect and my horizons on a personal level primarily. It is a chance to meet new places and people, possibly making life-long friendships. It’s all about the experience of building up myself and my certifications to have an overall competitive advantage in the workforce.

England  is an amazing country  full of diversity, culture and innovation. It would be an honor to take part in something I believe is setting down foundations for the future. Getting a B.

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S in law will only give me more insight and a professional background for me to advance with in my career and my life in general. The University of Queen Mary has been a school of interest for a long time now. For one, it offers the program I chose  for my graduate studies, and it is student friendly, by which it offers an opportunity for many middle class citizens get a decent education with The University of Queen Mary tuition fees. The university has an outstanding record, many friends of mine have recommended studying at The University of Queen Mary based on their personal experiences. There is a high level of professionality and an ambience of innovation and knowledge. The professors are known to be highly qualified for their jobs, and have shown an outstanding level of attentiveness and cooperation with their students. All in all the whole experience is something to look forward to and it would be an honor to be a student at The University of Queen Mary. Laws are rules that bind people to their community and which make society function.

Without the rule of law, only the rule of anarchy and religion will rule the world. Laws protect the general society and ensure and safeguard the rights of responsibilities of citizens against any abuses that could come from any other members in society, by organizations of by even the government. My personal passion to protecting the rights and liberties of people sprouts from the passion of keeping justice. The difference of justice and injustice can mean the meaning between life an death, therefore perusing a degree in foundation law during the spring semester of 2018, will allow me to stand by the rights and freedoms of the people, in order to protect from any social injustices and make sure justice is served. Aside from the great experience of getting to study in The University of Queen Mary, and my passion for studying law, I want to better myself and improve my cognitive and intellectual abilities to better myself as a human being. Because, quite honestly, in my personal opinion there was never a greater satisfaction than knowing what other people don’t know  and being able to explain and inform other people was always my passion.

I am a know it all kind of person, and the more I keep striving to learn more and improve my cognitive abilities the more I will feel satisfied of myself. 


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