Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Purpose of the Constitution Essay

Purpose of the Constitution Essay

The purpose of the Constitution according to the Preamble The Preamble of the Constitution states the fundamental purposes, principles, and goals of the government established by the Constitution. The Preamble also outlines the Constitution and how it operates. It is basically a summary of the Constitution that states the purposes and intentions of the United States Government. The Constitution, According to the Preamble, wants to form a perfect union, establish justice, and provide for the common defense. One of the main purposes the preamble stresses is to form a perfect union.

This means that the United States wants to unify and promote peace within the country. All the States must be unified in order for progress in the United States. Alone, each state would be prone to attack and unable to fend off intruders. Together they would be strong and immune to any foreign threats to the country. Another purpose is to establish justice in the country. In order to do this, the government incorporated an actual justice system. This justice system provides a fair and equitable system of laws. It guarantees that citizens are treated fairly and equally.

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Also, it makes sure that the people are respected by others and preserves their rights. With Justice in the United States, crime will diminish and the country will become stronger and more proficient than before. Providing for the common defense is a critical part of the Constitution. It basically means to protect the United Stated from national and regional threats. It includes terrorism, war, and anything else that could harm the country. The term common defense also involves minor crimes done to individuals and are handled accordingly.

It is important to provide for the common defense so the country will be able to defend itself against any foreign intruders and for protection of the citizens. According to the preamble, the constitution serves as an adequate representation of how the country should be run. I think that the constitution was a good replacement for the Articles of Confederation. The creation of the constitution was essential because it gave the country a sense of direction towards prosperity. The preamble simply states the United States’ new found beliefs; beliefs to create a better country for many generations to come.