Public Health Essay

For this assignment am going to describe the key aspect of public health strategies, fist of all public health is the science and art of protection and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy life style, and research for disease and injury prevention, it also help improve the health and well being of people in local communities. There are six key aspects of public health strategies which are; * Monitoring the health status of the community Control communicable disease * Identify the health needs of the population * Develop programmes to reduce the risk and screen for early disease * Promote the health of the population * Plan and evaluate the national provision of health and social care Monitoring the health status of the population: means that the government will keep track of the health in the population and also announce any problem with public health. For example amount of people being diagnosed or being treated for Chlamydia.

Controlling communicable disease: This aspect helps to reduce the catching disease through injection and other control measure. For example swine flu, this was treated by an injections but it was only given to the elderly people that had a medical condition and also the government put an advert to stop people who are suffering from this disease called swine flu Identifying the health needs of the population: This look at the different patterns of health service and what they needed. for example once the trends and patterns of Chlamydia are seen, the government would have to see what type of service is needed such as clinics and walk in centres.

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Developing programmes to reduce risk and screen for disease early: This is a service which indentifies people who are more likely to develop and are at risk of getting ill and finding ways of reducing it by introducing new programmes to make people know that they are at risk of this condition, for example people who have sexual contracted an infectious should be aware that hey can be tested of how far it’s gone and how it can be treated safely. Promoting the health of the population This aspect helps promoting activities to help people lower their ill health of population. For example advertising what sexual transmitted infections and sexual transmitted disease are and making people aware of the problems and where they can go for advice and treatment.

Planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care; this aspect looks into health services and see if whether or not they have an impact on the problem.


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