Psychology and English Essay

Today, there are many people all of the world study English. Most of people think that maybe english becomes their second language. But have you ever wondered:” Why do we need to learn English”. Why don’t we searching about it? First, English helps you to improve friendship and maybe include our knowledge around the world. Nowadays, many people have a wider friendship around the world.

So learning English is an important way to communicate with friends from another countries.Absolutely, learning English can help you to make more friends, we can exchange with a lot of people, improve our relationships. From that, we can learn more, open our knowledge world. Every year, there are lots of teenagers go overseas to learn for themselves, to improve every important, to bring every new thing from another countries to our country. Second, English helps you to connect our country to the world or we can learn more about another countries’s tradition. Learning English, we can introduce every beautiful things, places,…

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o internaional friends from another countries. Foreigners wil be curious and they will travel to our country. On the contrary, we can understand more special traditional foods, cultures,… from another countries. I think it’s great so we need to learn English Finally, we can find jobsmore easily. Today, all companies need their wokers know at least on language, especially English.

In some international companies, every person have to know English well. So we need to learn English in other to have a good job for you. You can see.Learning is very important way to climb on our future stepladder. I hope that people wil learn English for themselves and for their future .

English is fast becoming a “universal language. ” It is used in business across the globe; it’s used in entertainment, sports, and politics. People who live in non-English-speaking countries will have a definite career advantage if they become fluent in English, and will also have the opportunity to communicate with more people from other countries who also speak English. Learning English opens the door to a wider world.As you know, nowadays English is spoken as a second language in many parts over the world and it can be considered as an international language.

English is also taken in education system and is one of official subjects at school. So, at first we must answer an important question is…”why do we learn English? ” And “what do we learn English for? ”. Of course, one of the reasons why we need to learn English is because the world is becoming smaller and smaller, more and more people are using English as a common way to communicate to each other.

So now many companies, enterprises, large businesses when employing workers, staff, clerks… they usually favor people who can speak English. For me, I am still a student, I think learning English is very important, that’s why I like learning English and I love English since it such an interesting language. Besides, I also want to have a good job in my future, especially become a translator which has been my dream since I was six or seven years old, and learning English will help me do that dream. Learning anything is difficult and English is no exception.Learning English takes time and patience. It can not be rushed. Try to relax and take it easy. The most important thing we need to have is a good vocabulary, without words, we won’t be able to do anything.

We must start with a strong foundation and build slowly day by day. Daily practice is very important. Don’t worry about making mistakes…in fact the more mistakes we make, the more we will learn from them. Let me give an example, if you learn to ride a bike and you fall off, what will you do? Of course, you will get back on and try again.Just as we say in English: “No pain…No gain”. Moreover, practice and confidence are also important words to remember when learning English.

Practice English everyday and be confident, you will find that the more you use English, the better your English will become, and the more confident you become, the more you will want to use it. In short, when living in a country which is becoming more and more developing and modern, we need to know about English, have to know to speak English. In order to do that, from now, we have to learn English – an our second language.


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