Protecting minority policy in Iraq Essay

Protecting minority policy in iraq      I.            IntroductionThe legitimacy of the US political intervention in Iraq had constantly taken center stage. Beyond the academic discussion, the results are far reaching and Americans are increasingly experiencing the rippling effects of the war; much more upon the soils by which it had been done. As the US occupation drags on, problems unexpected — continue to unfold. What seemed a sound solution, eradicating Saddam Hussein had only unlocked the door for other troublesome issues to resurface.

The plight of the minorities in Iraq is one of these pressing problems that need immediate solution but relief seems distant and impossible at the moment. Iraq’s human composition is made up of different people-groups, and such diversity has divided and torn a nation apart. Gaining the upper-hand are the Arab nationalists and Islamic extremists who terrorize the various ethnic and religious minorities present in Iraq.

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In the name of ethnic cleansing, violence now rules the streets of Baghdad. At the fore of fighting’s, the struggle continuous between Muslims, Kurds and Turkmen. Others, such as Assyrians, Armenians, and religious groups of Christians, Iraqi Jews and Mandeans are caught between these fights.   II.            Current State of Affairs of Iraqi’s MinoritiesSince 2003, Iraqi minorities had been targets of senseless killings, bombings and rape amongst their women.

Aggravating the problem includes the lack of foreign and local policies that would ensure the protection and welfare for Iraqi minorities. The numbers for each are drastically dwindling.Inappropriate assistance by the US was demonstrated during reconstruction projects: although majority of those who were hired as workers belonged to Iraqi’s minorities, it sorely lacked protection against assaults and being robbed of their employment benefits (Shea, 2007).III.            RecommendationsThe US government doubtless have an immense influence on the affairs of Iraq. However, solutions should never be done simply by basing and imposing western perspective on a people that differs so much from their own. Aggravating the problem was the US government’s desire to fast-track its own solution, primarily concerned with liberalizing the Iraqi people from tyrannical leadership, putting aside the majority of Iraqi Arab’s apprehension of preserving their own identity (ICG, 2005).Ideally, each ethnic and cultural group should be given equal representation in the formation of policies towards building its own nation.

Each provides insight to the culture of each people-group which greatly determines the success or failure of policies. However, religious intolerance by some groups has become the obstacles towards such developments.It is therefore imperative that with international pressure and support, the Iraqi government should provide immediate relief for those that are most defenceless by providing a place of safety where they can peacefully resettle.

Although it would appear as a simplistic approach, each minority should be given a domain of their own where they can also be given a degree of autonomy to run its own people that do not run contrary to their culture and religious beliefs. This will also pave the way for them to look after its own welfare and development. This does not mean however, that this would leave to the creation of a fragmented Iraq. The stability of the nation’s Constitution should be continued to be worked on with representations by every people-groups in Iraq. Policies should be created that will neither be more favourable to minorities or the majority of Iraqi Arabs. Laws should uphold the good of all without prejudice.References:1.      Shea, Nina (2007).

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