Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Project the features I like to use

Project the features I like to use

managers have a challenging job in this changing environment. Flatter
layers of management, increased demand for new ideas and ways of
doing things, and in general, more projects that need to be managed
all increase the demand for good project managers (Gary & Larson,
2014). As more projects arise in quantity and complexity, it is
important for project managers to have the right tools needed to
maintain visibility to their progress. It seems, over the past few
years, that the increased technology has aided in creating more
versatile ways to help manage projects. Anyone can find a tool that
will help them manage in a style that they understand.
reviewing the list of different software available to manage
projects, I unintentionally ended up trying out two of them. It was
good to see such a drastic difference, however, between the first
one I chose to the second one. The first one I chose was hard to use
and did not have the features I like to use for projects. Thus I went
on to try a second one. The one I ended up settling on was 2-Plan
Project Management.

was fairly intuitive to start using. Once in the tool, you can get
started right away with setting up a project. Each work package has
the ability to include the name of the work package, description, WBS
code, milestones, type of plan and duration, resources and
predecessors. One of my favorite features so far is that the tool is
made to be easily manipulated to show all the data on the same
screen. I was able to set up my work space so I have the high level
structure on one side and under that, the calendar with highlighted
dates. In the middle, I can see my work package details (I can toggle
between that and the Gantt chart view). To the right, if I have one
of my work packages highlighted, I can see the details of that work
package to include resource requirements, description, scheduling
information, predecessors and any additional details I have added to
that work package. There are other great features that let you see
all of the work packages and their relationships as they tree up to
the high level project. This one is helpful in understanding what
work is performed where in the overall project. The other positive
feature of this tool is that it can track individual names required
to perform the work. This would be very helpful when there are more
projects in work and the project manager can easily show when and for
how long that person will be needed.

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layout I got to is a great view of the whole project and can be
easily manipulated, but the trouble was in trying to figure out how
to set that up. Once that was set up, it was more easily manipulated
so I can toggle between different views or move sections around as I
wanted. Another feature that this tool has is the capability to
generate reports. However, I find the reports to be a bit lacking.
The reports that are currently there show the progression of where
the project is at compared to the plan but I think the way it is
displayed makes it hard to see overall progress of the project: the
reports show progress at the work package level. There does not
appear to be a way to show the project status at a high level. This
would be a helpful report to show the customer or show the executives
who don’t need to know how each segment is going.

this tool is simple to learn and simple to use and I think it would
be very beneficial to use for managing a project. The reports feature
is very nice as makes it quick for the project manager to quickly
show people (and to have easily at their disposal) where the project
is at as a whole with all of the work packages. Overall, a great tool
that I will probably use more and explore further.