Project Part 2: Study Design 1. Is

Project Part 2: Study Design 1.      Is the proportion of a man that walks his dog by himself to the Central Park, Corvallis on the weekend from 2 pm to 4 pm different than 50%? 2.      The sampling design that I will use is simple random sample (SRS). This is because my variable of interest is gender, so my cases would probably scatter around the park and I will incorporate randomness in my study design by randomly choose my sample. I choose SRS because as being taught in Learning Path 3, the chance for every case in the population being chosen is equal.

 3.      The place that I choose for collecting my data is Central Park, Corvallis. Based on a review from a website, the location of this park is in the downtown of Corvallis and it is quite a huge space city park. I will be collecting my data on weekend, either Saturday or Sunday, from 2 pm to 4 pm. Based on my schedule, I will go there on January 27, February 4 and February 10, 2018.  4.      My variable of interest is gender, so it will be easy for me to measure the variable. The variable is categorical, which consists of a man or a woman.

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The method I am going to use is tally the cases by using a table as below, so I am going to need a paper and a pen for recording data. Example:   Male owner Female owner    5.      The first possible problem that I am worried about my data collection method is not having enough cases for my data collection, which is less than 500 cases. This can happen in many ways, such as the day I am going for data collection, it rains as Corvallis is always raining. Hence, less people would go to the park and I would not have enough data. Other than that, my data collection method requires me to stay at the park for a long time to observe people. Next, one bias that I think could happen in my data collection is undercoverage bias.

As stated in Learning Path 3, this bias happens when some cases are not included in the selection process. I will be observing people coming to the park with their dogs and I am worried that I will be distracted to notice other cases. For example, I might be observing people coming to the park only from my right side and forget to count those on my left side. These are the problems that I am afraid going to happen during my data collection process. Now, I will on how I will control these problems.

First, for not having enough cases and for the undercoverage bias, I will collect my data for a few times or more than once. As I mentioned above, I will collect my data on three different days or more depending on my schedule later on so that I will get more accurate and reliable data. Lastly, for the time constraints, as I cannot be at the park all day, hence I have specific time in my question of interest and that is the only time I will need to collect my data.

The time stated in my question of interest is from 2 pm to 4 pm, so that is the only time I will be collecting my data.  


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