Project Part 1 Task 3: Manage User Account Access Essay

Project Part 1 Task 3: Manage User Account AccessThe account policy for first World Bank would be a very simple and easy policy.

Basically all personnel will only have one account at a time, each person will only have their account on the system that they have business being on. You can be assigned to multiple groups within the system if need be. Before anyone can be added to the system, they will have to read and sign the User Account Policy; this will make sure that no one can say that they “didn’t know”. Now for creating users and groups there will be no special permissions in order to “create” them but when it comes to the specific users and groups there will be. The Web Administrators will have their own permissions and groups, the Linux administrators will have their own users and group, and the Security Analyst will have their own groups.

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I think that there should be a group set up so that all departments can talk with each only to help each other and inform each other of certain things. The Security group I feel should have access to the maintenance group so that they can get regular updates and patches, and to the Web Admin group so they can apply the updates/patches. Web and Linux groups will not have access to the Security so that way no one can go in and change anything with security. The Web admin and Linux admin will have permissions for each other so they can make changes that are needed but they will only have certain permissions for that, for example, Linux will not be able to go in to Web Admin and change how the website looks and Web Admin can’t go in to Linux and change how things run.


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