Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Project Motivation: Organizational Business Essay

Project Motivation: Organizational Business Essay

Motivation within the workplace is one of the most fundamental aspects in having a productive and successful company along with happy and encouraged employees. There are many ways in which motivational tactics are implanted with in the Fairmont community. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts take great pride and devotion in their employees and their satisfaction. Maslow’s motivational theory shows exactly why Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are able to motivate their employees and make it one of the most desirable places to work in terms of employee satisfaction and motivation.

For example, Fairmont has a significant recognition program, known as Service Plus. Every month, each department has the opportunity to nominate a leader and colleague that deserve to be recognized for outstanding progress. They must be nominated by another colleague/leader and this person indicates how this individual has exemplified the Fairmont’s four values. Once a month, the Service Plus committee, which is made up of one representative from each department within the hotel will get together and they choose who will win the title of Hotel Colleague of the Month and Memory Maker.

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The executive committee decides who will win Hotel Leader of the Month. The winner is given gift certificates, a plaque and a Service Plus pin in which they wear alongside their nametag. Having rewards and recognitions for a job well done is something that motivates employees and keeps them working hard. Motivational tactics like such rewards are pushing employees to accomplish their personal or communal goals within the company. According to Maslow’s motivational theory, once a person feels a sense of belonging and acceptance within the company, the need to feel important and significant arises.

An external esteem need could be recognition and the need for a social status. The Fairmont attempts to satisfy these personal needs of their staff by providing such motivational devices that recognize individuals and make their efforts go noticed. This is essential within a company to keep employees motivated and working hard to thrive within their job position. The top level in the hierarchy of needs is for one to reach self-actualization. Managers at the Fairmont help their staff to achieve his by giving their employees with jobs and tasks that will provide them with a challenge and an opportunity to reach their top potential within their career or current position. Fairmont actively engages their employees and makes them feel like they are being challenged and their tasks are valued. Once such challenges or jobs are accomplished, the employees are recognized in several ways and their efforts go noticed by the top managers within the Hotel.

As a closing note, one can clearly see how Hertzberg’s Two Factor Model and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs perfectly demonstrate how the Fairmont motivates their employees and makes sure that they are engaged in challenging yet rewarding tasks and that their hard work goes noticed by managers and also by the public. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts could be noted as one of the most fortunate places to work in due to the satisfaction of their employees and the positive work environment in which they offer.