Procrastination – the Killer Essay

Serina Jones Professor Jaeger Expository Writing 09/30/12 Procrastination – The Killer. Ever wondered why you could never get your work done on time? Why you would always wait until the last minute to start working on things that needed more time for preparation? The answer is more than likely procrastination.

Procrastination is most definitely humanity’s kryptonite. So many students have failed many tests and classes because of their procrastinating ways. When people realize how to be proactive in every aspect of their life, they will be able to defeat their most common enemy.To be a professional procrastinator is to be a very inconsistent person. There are many ways to be this type of person and some of such are; to have no type of self-discipline, be very wasteful, be very lazy, and be a person with an extremely short attention span. These are the keys to obtaining a healthy life of procrastination.

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Being that type of person will get you absolutely nowhere but to failure. First off, having no self-discipline will allow more room for distractions. A non-self-disciplined person is actually all of the characteristics of a procrastinator together. This requires not being a consistent person at all.A person of this nature will start something but never finish it. For instance, an inconsistent person will start a project but will never complete it, even after they have sworn up and down how they will get the job done. Second, being a wasteful person will allow for one to put off so much time when they could be getting things that are more essential done. While work and business could be being completed, a wasteful person would choose to do something else that does not at all compliment getting things taken care of.

Third, a lazy person would be the type to not care too much about getting work completed.That person would be less likely to be proactive than anything, which will discourage them from making any improvements. This will more than likely enhance their procrastination professionalism. Lastly, having a short attention span will take a person downhill, simply because they will start on some work but lose their concentration at the drop of a dime. An example of this could be when an employee would be sitting at their desk getting work done, but as soon as a conversation starts up elsewhere, their head would turn and their focus on what they were doing before would be completely lost.

Therefore, the individual would begin procrastinating. Although procrastinating seems to be very influential, there are ways to avoid becoming of such a characteristic. These ways include; being a proactive person, a go-getter, and optimistic. Those who carry the traits of being a proactive person are people who are more very concerned about their well-being and want to be the best that they can be.

That stops them from being slowed down from getting things done on time, or anything that has to do with them accomplishing anything.A go getter goes hand-in-hand with being a proactive person. This type of person reaches to be the best they can be and takes advantage of every opportunity given to make any improvements, allowing no one to make them back down. Optimism compliments being a go getter and a proactive person.

An optimistic person allows no room for excuses and wastefulness. Never will a person of an optimistic nature allow time for negativity. By this being so, this type of person looks only to make things better in life.What is truly recommended is that all people be of the non-procrastination life style. Being a procrastinator only opens space for negativity and multiple excuses.

That is in no way, shape, or form, healthy. Those who inhabit such a characteristic are greatly encouraged to come to some sort of an epiphany in their life that will wake them up and help them to become a better person. If no change occurs in the lives of procrastinators, they will be defeated by one of their greatest enemies.


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