Problem Solving and Children Essay

1. 1 The current Early Years framework in place is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS focuses on helping children develop to achieve the five Every Child Matters outcomes. The framework ensures this is possible by setting specific standards of care and leaning, which childcare providers must adhere to in order to give every child the chance to learn and develop outside of home. The framework also sets out practice guidelines for equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice.The principle of working together with parents and outside agencies is included in the EYFS. The EYFS gives guidelines on planning the leaning around the individual, to help each child develop and flourish in their own specific way, and advises on the use of regular observations to track development.

1. 2 There are common features between them all rather than the direct influences that educational approaches such as Reggio Emilia had/have, notably – Parent partnership – Learning through active participation and play A need for balancing adult and child led/initiated activities – That the framework supports practitioners to deliver education holistically although areas of learning are individually named, divided or categorised. – A recognised importance of assessing children’s individual needs One significant difference between all four here is that England’s Early Years Foundation Stage is the only framework to include children aged less than 3 within itsstatutory positon. All other nations provide guidance, good practice and recommendations – Scotland’s Prebirth to three.

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;EYMP 2 1. Personal, Social and Emotional development aims to bring children to and awareness of themselves and others around them and helps them to develop independence. Communication, language and literacy helps to improve children’s reading, writing and listening skills. Creative development encourages children to use play, drama, music and movement to express their feelings. Knowledge and understanding of the world raises children’s awareness of the world and their position in the world. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy helps to develop a child’s mathematical ability and use it to solve problems and make decisions.Physical development focuses on developing the child’s physical skills such as coordination, balance, fine and gross motor skills.

These areas of learning are found to be interdependent when put into practice, as many of the areas may be covered during a single activity. For example, Whilst engaged in a Christmas-themed treasure hunt, a child will be developing their knowledge and understanding of the world through by learning about seasonal celebrations, and will also be developing his/her problem solving skills through the use of a map or instructions about finding the treasure. . 2 There are 5 leaning outcomes documented in the EYFS framework. These are: Staying Safe – As practitioners it is our duty to make sure the children in our care stay safe from harm. Being healthy – Promoting a healthy lifestyle in the nursery setting. This includes Healthy eating, dealing with personal/social issues properly, sports and exercise. Enjoying and achieving – This involves practitioners making leaning enjoyable for the children, so that they flourish to the best of their ability.

Making a positive contribution to society – This involves making the children aware of their place in society and teaching them that they can make a positive contribution, e. g. recycling.

Achieving economic wellbeing – This involves helping children to gain self-confidence and skills to equip them for employment in late life. 1. 3 These outcomes recorded using observations that are carried out by the key person of the child on a daily basis. These are then used to plan childrens’ activities that are aimed at specific areas of development. Activities may adapting or change them according to individual needs.


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