Principal’s Message Essay

It is my pleasance making out to you in this December issue of the school newssheet.We all feel December when the air currents are chilly and cold and female parents bring out the warm mittens. thick vesture. and socks to wrap their kids and protect them from the cold. The sun sets early and gets dark even before 6 o’clock P.

M. and pupils are advised to walk place in groups to procure them and do their manner place safe. Equally shortly as the kids step out of the school and before they get to their places. their safety is still our concern. In add-on to this.

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the misss will hold their overnighter as they make their manner to their gender sensitiveness preparation on December 7. Detailss and parent’s license will be sent to each pupil on December 5. 2007 for their perusing and blessing.Let me to post the following reminders to pupils. every bit good as their parents. to promote cooperation and conformity of all concerned:-Progress studies for pupils will come out really shortly in readying for the rating of graduating pupils.

Parents are requested to do a personal visit to the several home room instructors of their kids to discourse their academic advancement.-In connexion with the extroverted graduation. 8Thursdayclass parents are encouraged to take an active portion in the graduation commission. Meeting with 8Thursdayclass instructors will be announced.-The graduation image taking will be rescheduled to December 14Thursdayfor a longer period of readying for the pupils.

-Bilingual parents should besides take note of the English trial with ISAT which will be conducted 10 hebdomads from this day of the month. Necessary readyings should be undertaken to guarantee good consequences in the said trial.In position of the volume of work for this month. all instructors and staff are expected to go to to their responsibilities and chorus from early holidaies. absences saying such alibis “sick and deceasing parents or household members. ” which may non be true. Such absences will non be excused sing the exigency of the service.

In shuting allow me recognize one and all a blessed Christmas and felicity in the coming twelvemonth! Least we forget. Christ is the ground for the season…


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