Presently, each task and the success of

Presently, most companies use management skills to reach their intended goals. The core management skills include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These skills are essential and guide organizations to maintain effective management.

 Creating a healthy work environment and relationships amongst all employees are a major factor in following the core.  Within this course we have addressed many of these concepts which prove to be beneficial in practicing and conducting effective management skills.  Each skill has a direct effect on each task and the success of any organization.

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 Although they are all important and rely on one another I believe planning serves as the foundation. Planning in any business is the process of establishing goals, creating methods to achieve them and connect them to daily task (Boddy, 2005; Robbins and DeCenzo, 2005). Planning plays a major role in all areas of business and management. It serves as the building block for creating goals and objectives.

In simpler terms this identifies the companies “why” or purpose to move in a certain direction. Planning is determining what to do and how to do it before it is due. It is one of the basic managerial functions. To ensure productivity and usefulness to the organization, planning has to first be initiated by managers. Management is responsible for organizing and delegating tasks along with setting deadlines for them to be completed. The purpose of the organization is lost if there are no goals and strategies to accomplish them. Appropriate goals should be challenging and realistic. A manager who implements compelling skills should encourage employees to perform highly and contribute to the organization’s growth.

 Enthusiastic managers remain determined, and aim to tackle each goal by facing any challenge and persevering through it. It also helps to have a management team acting on one accord to perform in excellence on all levels. Planning plays an important role and generally has a detailed plot of how it will be accomplished.  Planning initiatives can be internal or external. Internal initiatives generally   address labor affairs, beliefs of management and investments. External initiatives concentrate on social, and political efforts. Internal principles can be controlled while external principles can’t.

To adequately enforce a plan, managers often intensify the hiring and promoting process to target talent that will sustain growth. Thus, planning is closely connected with creativity and innovation. It also bridges the gap between where we are and where we want to go. Planning which produces effective successful results includes orderly outlining steps to accomplish goals in a designated time frame. Business planning appears to be something that organizations do well, when considering the objective. This is not always the case.

 The text suggests there are four types of plans 1. strategic plans 2. long term plans 3. short term plans and 4.

and specific plans. Strategic plans explain why things should happen. It’s the foundational basis of any organization and will determine long-term and short-term decisions. The time frame of the planning process can be anywhere from the next year to the next ten years. Important components of a strategic plan are vision, mission and values. How does an organization determine what to do first? They prioritize. Prioritizing all of your goals are important, but it’s impossible to work on all of them at once.

 In conclusion, Strategic planning helps stabilize the work environment and reinforce the organization’s goals and plan. Formulating a plan adds structure to ideas that directly affect the present and future of any organization. It is an activity that requires thinking instead of acting, while planning governs the actions to be taken. Nonetheless, planning requires systematic thinking. In other words, strategic thinking and planning should be based on collected data.  


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