Presentation for Struggling and Accelerated Learners Essay

Presentation for Struggling and Accelerated LearnersOne of the greatest ordeals an educator should face is how to adjust instructional methodology for students who are experiencing difficulty in coping up with directions for learning as presented to them. According to Harvest (2008), most of the struggling learners comprise from the cross section of the society who belong to the low income bracket and thus, face considerable degree of impediments to their learning process. Children who live in poverty, compared to their affluent peers, are at lower levels compared to their affluent peers, thus achieving less.As a springboard to the adjustments planned to be implemented, proper supplementation of holding high expectations and posing more motivations is highly recommended. Upholding a culture of respect is essential for struggling learners to give more and achieve more.

Moreover, educators and administrators should make an effort to treat these children like their own to further emphasize their role in holding themselves accountable for their success.Taking consideration of getting feedbacks from the students is also important. By proper evaluation and monitoring the level of achievement of each student will help a lot in the consideration and planning of what moves should be taken in the future. The pace and mode of instruction would inevitably highly depend on the results of these evaluation measures.Learning is a continuous process, thus feedbacks from instructors should likewise be directed to the parents of struggling learners.

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Teachers should inform parents with the details of the successes and challenges their children are faced with. The cycle in which parents’ attention is called only when there is a problem should be abandoned.Intensive instructional strategies are required in order to achieve success. The climate for learning and progress should be maintained at a level that is motivating, not alienating.

The basis of instruction should lie in the core curriculum content standard. Teachers more than anyone else should be well versed of what every child is expected to know at a given period of time. Assessment data should be closely examined. Truly, teachers are the ones who can differentiate instruction mode based on student’s ability.On the other side lies the issue on students with greater capabilities, as compared to the rest. Accelerated learning, according to DePorter (2008), is the methodology best suited for such cases.It is a systematic approach to teaching the whole person, containing specific core elements that, when used together, empower students to learn faster, more effectively and joyfully. Accelerated learning is based on the work of Dr.

Georgi Lozanov, a professor of psychiatry and psychotherapy from Bulgaria now living in Austria. His early program, which focused on teaching a foreign language, included relaxation, visual arts and music. Students learned from one hundred to one thousand new vocabulary words a day with ninety-eight percent retention or better.

He called his new method “Suggestology,” based on the theory that suggestions can and do affect the outcome of learning.Since students are faring better, giving direct instructions would sometimes be taken as “boring” or “limiting.” Capable students should be given enough room to show their excellence and creativity, thus, they should be given a greater degree of freedom to choose their means in attaining an academic goal.According to Lozanov as cited by DePorter (2008), suggestology is an organized way of augmenting natural learning. It builds on those methods that allow us to learn most effectively and efficiently, emulating some of the ways we learned as a young child.

Suggestology recaptures that natural learning process and accelerates the understanding and retention of content.ReferencesDePorter, Bobby (2000, December 8). Accelerated Learning. Retrieved August 10, 2008, from New Horizons for Learing:

htmHarvest, Deborah (2008, February). Succeeding with Struggling Learners. Retrieved August 11, 2008. http:// 


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