.Presentation father the results of his aptitude

.Presentation ScriptINTROFour by Veronica Roth is a novel that follows the life of a teenage boy named Tobias Eaton. Tobias, also known as Four, conducts his aptitude test to determine which faction he sincerely belongs with. His aptitude test result specifies that he belongs to Abnegation, a traditional and modest community that he was born into. In the attempt to escape his abusive father, he violates the result and instead chooses the Dauntless faction, a physically and mentally tough faction. During the initiation process, he must engage in many dangerous tasks such as jumping off of a train.

He must take part in these challenges until he can become an official Dauntless member. After becoming an official member, Tobias faces many obstacles such as the fear simulation and the dishonest objectives of Eric, Jeannie Mathews and Max. The novel explores Four’s transition to becoming a Dauntless member and his  process of discovering himself along with that of the faction he has chosen.In the novel, “Four” by Veronica Roth, the journey of the self-reliant protagonist demonstrates the importance of following your own path regardless of the expectations that others may set for you. FIRST POINTT: Through contrasting words, Four’s reminder of his mother’s influence indicates his self-reliance, which will automatically become more clear throughout his character journey. C: Four is sitting on the steps in front of his house in Abnegation. He was thinking about choosing another faction over Abnegation at the choosing ceremony and delays telling his father the results of his aptitude test. Four reflects on the decision he is about to make: E: My mother was the one who taught me to steal moments like these, moments of freedom, though she didn’t know it.

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I watched her take them, slipping out the door after dark when my father was asleep, creeping back home when sunlight was just appearing behind the buildings.A: Four seems to have his mother’s courage and will do as he pleases regardless of his father’s demands. He maintains his decision by referring to his mother’s actions that he has learned from his childhood. Words such as “steal” , is connected to negative connotations, and “freedom”, is connected to positive connotations, shows that Four admired her bravery. Also, darkness is usually the time for retreat, Four’s mother is “slipping out” and yet “creeping back home” as “sunlight” appears,  this is usually a time to rise. This indicates the secrecy that Four is familiar with and aims to reflect in his own life. Four was unable to choose his own path because his father was forcing him to stay in Abnegation however now that he has disobeyed his father, he will  continue to make decisions  on his own. SECOND POINTT: Upon suspecting that there has been cause for suspicious activity, Four takes the initiative to find out if his predictions are correct.

 C: Four discovers that Dauntless and Erudite leaders are planning an attack against the Abnegation faction. After Four finds the strategy on Max’s computer, he is taken by surprise. E: “Then I open a map of the city on the Dauntless data-base to compare them, and sit back in my chair as I realize what street Max’s map is focusing on. The Abnegation sector. The attack will be against Abnegation”.A: When Four makes the decision of going through Max’s computer, he does not rely on others to help him make that decision.

This portrays that he is self-reliant and he does not need the instruction of others. The word,” focusing” depicts that Four is analyzing the map and observing what this map represents. The negative connotation in the word, “attack” demonstrates that something dreadful is going to occur.

Finally, the sentences, “The Abnegation sector. The attack will be against the Abnegation”, shows that Four is devastated. The previous sentence was longer however these following two sentences are much shorter. There is a different tone in the these shorter sentences because he is in shock. This is obvious as in these two sentences he repeats the word “Abnegation” twice. Therefore Four, being on his own in this moment, must rely on his own strengths to now avoid revealing that he is aware of what is to come. THIRD POINTT: Four finds out the Erudite is planning an attack against the Abnegation faction, he takes the initiative and warns his dad of what is to come.C:Four notifies his father that the erudite is going to attack the Abnegation faction soon.

However, his dad does not believe him and calls him a traitor. E: “I went against the Dauntless leaders, and for what? For a man I hate, who didn’t even believe me? It doesn’t feel like it was worth it, worth being called a faction traitor”.A: In these particular sentences, Four recognizes his worth and realizes that he should not be looking out for people that do not know his own value and who do not care about him. Despite his complicated relationship with his father, this example shows his maturity to still care for him. After this, Four shows that he is self-reliant and that he can accomplish tasks on his own. In this passage, Four’s father calls him a traitor, most likely because he thinks that Four betrayed Abnegation by going to the Dauntless faction.

In a sentence, Four repeats the word “worth” two times which demonstrates his shock with his father’s reaction to his warning. He also uses something called rhetorical questions to show his frustration with the situation. This depicts self reliance as he has become discouraged by the failed attempt to protect his father. It particularly portrays self-reliance as he went against the Dauntless leaders and warned his father.

 CONCLUSIONTHEMATIC STATMENTIn conclusion this is how the novel four is related to self-reliance


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