Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Preparing And Staining A Blood Film Biology Essay

Preparing And Staining A Blood Film Biology Essay

Along with red blood cells in the blood, there are leucocytes, besides known as White Blood Cells which have different maps in the immune system of the organic structure. There are a figure of different cells under the umbrella term of leucocyteNeutrophils are the most common leucocyte, with an mean figure of 2.5-7.5×109 cells per Litre. They have a distinguishable lobate karyon and hold a life span of about 5 yearss. Their primary function is to destruct occupying pathogens via phagocytosis and the release of cytokines1. They are by and large the first species to respond in the inflammatory response.

Lymphocytes are the 2nd most common leucocyte in the blood, and comprises of 3 groups of cell, B-Cells, which produce antibodies which bind to antigens on foreign organic structures, T-Cells, which kill cells which are infected by virus and regulate B cells and NK Cells, and Natural Killer Cells ( NK Cells ) which kill cells which do non show MHC category 1 molecules. They compromise between 20-40 % of the leucocytes in the organic structure, with a concentration of around 1.5-3. 5×109 cells per Litre.

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Figure 2

hypertext transfer protocol: //pathmicro.


jpgMonocytes are the 3rd largest constituent of the leucocytes, which compromise between 4-10 % of the organic structure ‘s leucocyte, with approximative 0.2-0.8×109 cells per liter.

Their chief map is the presentation of antigens and phagocytosis of foreign organic structures. When Monocytes settle in a tissue, they become Macrophages.Figure 3.

hypertext transfer protocol: //pathmicro.med.sc.edu/bowers/monocyte-darb.jpgBasophils and Eosinophils are the lowest in figure compromising about 4 % of the entire leucocytes. Eosinophils have a function in destructing parasites and Basophils have a big function in the allergic response.Figure 5 Basophil hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

cytochemistry.net/microanatomy/blood/more_basophils.htmFigure 4 hypertext transfer protocol: //pathmicro.med.sc.edu/bowers/eosinoph-darb.jpg


Blood movies are prepared to let probe into hematologic jobs and to test for blood parasites. Blood is fixed and stained onto a slide and examined utilizing a microscope to number the Numberss of single types of white blood cells.

This allows us to observe any additions or lessenings in the figure of blood cells and observe any abnormalities.


To prove a blood sample to indentify the degrees of different blood constituents are normal and there are no abnormalities.



May-Grunwald Stain


Wash Buffer

Pipette Tips


Deionised Water

Fume Cupboard

Coplin Jars

Stop Watch

Giemsa Stain

Light Microscope

Blood Sample

Baseball gloves

BSA treated Slides


Distilled Water

Wax PencilApparatus

Glass slide cleaned and labelled7AµL of blood pipette to the Centre of the slide, about 1cm from the border of the slideSpreader used to distribute the blood onto the slide ( diagram screening spreading technique used below )Blood sample allowed to air-dry onto the slide and so fixed utilizing methyl alcohol for 5-10 proceedingssSlide placed into a Coplin Jar Containing May-Grunwald Stain for 5-10 proceedingssSlide washed utilizing wash buffer, guaranting remotion of all extra discolorationSlide Placed into a Coplin Jar incorporating Giemsa Stain for 10-15 proceedingssSlide rinsed utilizing distilled H2OSlide washed utilizing De-Ionised H2O for 2-5 MinutessSlide dried and examined under light microscope.Number of Cells found for each cell type recorded.blood spread.pngFigure 6.

Haematology & A ; transfusion Science Laboratory Manual


Cell Type

Number of Cells

Percentage of Cells ( % )

Normal Cell Range ( % )


5855.24 %55-65 %


21.90 %0-1 %


2422.86 %4-10 %


000 %1-3 %


2120 %20-40 %


105100 %


Neutrophils Numberss fell on lower scope of normalBasophils where at normal degreeMonocytes where dual normal degreeNo Eosinophils where foundLymphocyte Numberss where on the lower scope of normalCells appeared good differentiated with smooth atomic contours and no grounds of rupture or harm. The cells where of normal proportion and there was no grounds of hypertrophy.Neutrophils and Lymphocytes where low but Monocytes where dual normal scope.

The deficiency of Eosinophils is of no major concern as the via media such a lower proportion of the blood that they, along with Basophils, may be hard to happen in a individual blood movie.The low degrees of Neutrophils and Lymphocytes, coupled with the high figure of Monocytes would propose the recent recovery from an infection, as Neutrophils and Lymphocytes would be used to battle the infection quickly while the Monocytes migrate to the affected tissue.If the figure of Neutrophils in the blood where much higher, the patient would be enduring from neutrophillia, which is by and large caused by a bacterial infection or the effects of drugs or endocrines such as hydrocortisone. The Neutrophil degree besides increases during the inflammatory response or as a consequence of Burnss 2If the Neutrophil degree beads, the patient has neutropenia which is caused by anemia and certain drugs or the deficiency of consumption of indispensable minerals and vitamins, such as Cu and vitamin Bc, but can besides be the consequence of the increased devastation of cells due to an autoimmune response or if the patient is undergoing chemotherapy3. Mild instances of this can happen during a viral infection.The high degree of Monocytes is known as Monocytosis, and can be caused by a figure of issues, such as a chronic inflammatory response and viral disease. But the degrees besides increase when the organic structure is retrieving from an acute infection or during the recovery stage of neutropenia3.

The low figure of lymph cells, called lymphopenia, occurs by and large after a recent infection which is similar to the cause of neutropenia, but besides can be caused through drug usage and chemotherapy and as a side consequence of hydrocortisone and excercise4. Higher figure of lymph cells, called lymphocytosis, can happen during viral infections and other acute infections and splenomegaly.When all blood cell types addition, but merely a few of the cell types are found to hold matured, there is the possibility of leukemia, which is a malignant neoplastic disease of the blood. There are many different signifiers of leukemia and there is no individual cause. There are many different interventions for leukemia, including the usage of drugs, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants5.

There are many different marks and symptoms of leukemia, but the diagram below shows the most common marks:Figure 7 hypertext transfer protocol: //commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File: Symptoms_of_leukemia.pngThe chief beginning of mistake in the experiment was human mistake. This could be due to things such as non agitating the blood sample before the sample was pipetted onto a slide.

There is the possibility that the sample was non spread right on to the slide.