PREFACE by logging or forest fires, but

PREFACE Praise and gratitude, wepray to the presence of God. Because of his blessings and graces, the authorcan complete a paper entitled ” CONSERVATION PROTECTED FORESTS ANDWILDLIFE AS THE APPLICATION OF SDGS GOALS ‘LIFE ON LAND’ “. This paper was submittedto fulfill the final task of Joint Preparation Stage (TPB) at PadjadjaranUniversity.

During the writing process, the author get a lot of help andsupport from various parties so that this paper can be completed on time,therefore the author would like to say thank you and appreciation as much aspossible for:  1 God Almighty 2.  Lecturerssubject TPB 3.  Familiesand Partners who always provide help and motivation. In the preparation of papers, the authors recognize thatthere are many shortcomings in this paper, so input from readers is expected toincrease in the future. The end of the word, the authors hope with this papercan be useful for all readers.  Bekasi, January 6th 2018   Author i                     TABLE OF CONTENTS   PREFACE.. 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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2 CHAPTER I. 3 INTRODUCTION.. 3 1.1 Issue Background. 3 1.

2 Problem Identification. 3 1.3 Purpose.


4 2.2 Benefits of Protection Forest 4 2.3 Protection of Forests and Animals in The Perspective of Pancasila and Law.. 5 2.

4 Solution of The Problems. 6 CHAPTER III. 7 CLOSING..

7 3.1 Conclusion. 7 3.2 Suggestions. 7 Bibliography. 8   ii                 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Issue Background Indonesia is one ofthe world’s richest biodiversity nations, a major tropical forest area withrare species living in it, such as orangutans, tigers and rhinoceros, etc.There are many rare species that are currently extinct because their habitatshave been damaged by deforestation.

Endangered animals are also often thetarget of poachers who sell their limbs for personal gain.  In 2015 there are manycases and problems in conservation and protection of wildlife in Indonesia. Notonly caused by logging or forest fires, but also because of the rampant tradeand hunting of protected animals. Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA)Indonesia has noted that starting from January to mid December 2015 there areat least about 5,000 wildlife trade cases online (Tahun 2015 Ada 5000 kasus Perdagangan Satwa liar dan 370 KasusPerburuan Satwa Liar, 2015). With a variety ofanimals living in the forests of Indonesia, we should keep the terrestrialecosystem and preserve its existence.

We must make sure that the forest onearth remains green, and the animals in it still alive.  1.2 ProblemIdentification 1.

       What is terrestrial ecosystem mean? 2.       How does 1945 Constitution and Pancasila pointof views on the topic of protection of forests and animals? 3.       How to solve the problem?  1.3 Purpose 1.      Understandingabout terrestrial ecosystem, especially forests. 2.      Understandingprotection of forests and animals according to perspective of the 1945Constitution and Pancasila.

3.      Toknowing the solution that can be done to overcome the problem of forest andanimal protection in Indonesia. CHAPTER II RESULT ANDDISCUSSION  2.1 Definition Terrestrial or terrestrial ecosystems are ecosystems whereenvironmental factors are more dominated by the land.

The terrestrial ecosystemitself lies within a very large area or also called a biome (Susanto, 2016). Forests are one partof the terrestrial ecosystem. Where the definition of forest itself is an areaovergrown by a variety of bushy plants. such as trees, ferns, grasses, fungi,and other plants. Forests have a variety of species, but which will be discussedthis time is the protected forest. ProtectionForest is a forest area thathave the primary function of protecting life support systems to regulate watersystems, control soil erosion, prevent flooding, prevent sea water intrusionand maintain soil fertility (Fadhil, 2017). The definition of endangered species is a species of wildlife thatis very difficult to find and found in the wild because of the very smallamount. Endangered animals generally belong to endangered species because theydon’t have ability to restore their original population.

Meanwhile, the definition of protected animals isa species of wild animals or animals that are in danger of extinction. Listedin the Law no.15 1990 Article 20 paragraph 2. (Pengertian Satwa Menurut Para Ahli, 2016)  2.2 Benefits of Protection Forestin addition to beinga place to live the animals, protected forest also has several benefits. Themost important function of protected forests is to protect the quality of theenvironment and the ecosystems within them. The functions of protected forest are as follows: 1.  Preventingthe Flood The preserved andpreserved forest has a function to increase rainwater absorption so thatrainwater does not overflow.

the ability of forests to contain rainfall in sucha large volume is a very effective control. 2.  Forstorage of Groundwater Reserves Protected forest alsohas a function as a storage place for water because protected forest has largetrees and is able to store ground water in large quantities. 3.  Asan Erosion Prevention Erosion is the soilerosion caused by heavy rainfall.

One of the functions of protected forests ispreventing or mitigating erosion. The impact of this erosion of the riversunder it will undergo siltation. 4.  MaintainingSoil Fertility The protected forest is an area rich in organic material thatwill fertilize the soil.  5.  As aPlace of Storage of Genetic Resources Protected forests areareas that contain very high germplasm and have biodiversity forests that are asource for living organisms. 6.

  AsFlora and Fauna Habitats Protected forests areforests whose sustainability is always maintained. Therefore, this forest isvery suitable for habitat of flora and fauna. Because protected forests have alot of food sources. 7.  As aplace for education and learning facilities Protected forest canbe used as a place of learning, scientific research on natural science.

8.  As aMeans of Intrusion Prevention of Sea Water Protected forest alsohas a role as a deterrent to the intrusion caused by sea water. 9. Nature TourismDestination In addition to beingused as a place to learn, protected forest can also be used as a naturaltourist destination.  2.3 Protection of Forests and Animals in The Perspective of Pancasila and Law   Protected forest andendangered species that are clearly protected by the government, are listed inthe Law of the Republic of Indonesia No.

5 of 1990 on The Conservation ofBiological Natural Resources and Their Ecosystems. Listed in chapters onethrough five. In essence, theprohibition of unfair treatment of protected animals is contained in Article 21paragraph (2) of Law 5/1990 which reads: “Everyone is forbidden to a.     arrest,injure, kill, store, possess, maintain, transport and commission protected animalsalive; b.    store,possess, maintain, transport, and trade dead protected animals;  c.

     removingprotected animals from one place in Indonesia to another within or outside Indonesia; d.    sell,store or own skin, body or other parts of protected animals or goods made fromparts of the animal or remove it from somewhere in Indonesia to another placewithin or outside Indonesia; e.     collect,destroy, destroy, trade, store or have eggs and / or protected animalnests.  A criminal sanctionfor a person who deliberately violates the provision as referred to in Article21 paragraph (2) shall be a maximum imprisonment of 5 (five) years and amaximum fine of Rp 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million rupiah) (Article 40paragraph 2 Act 5/1990).

 Based on theperspective of Pancasila as the foundation of the state of Indonesia, is listedin the first principle which reads ‘Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa’ and second ‘Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab’ In the firstprecepts, ‘Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa’, it means that we as fellow creation of GodAlmighty should respect each other and maintain the balance between ourself andnature. So that the ecosystem balance can be realized. Based on the secondprinciple of Pancasila, when associated with forest exploitation and rareanimal hunting is very clear it is not in accordance with the content of theprecepts. Because if human beings have reason and humanity, they should be ableto know what the impact of the actions they are doing for the long term.  2.

4 Solution of TheProblems There are several solutions to overcomethe problem of forest and animal exploitation that can be done, such as: 1.        Establish legislation and legislation on forestand animal exploitation. 2.        Take firm action against all actors ofexploitation. 3.        Create and promote greening programs in eachregion. 4.        To socialize about endangered species thatshould not be hunted or maintained.

  CHAPTER III CLOSING 3.1 Conclusion Protection Forest is a forestprotected by the government, since protected forests have a very importantfunction to maintain ecosystem balance. Meanwhile, the definition of protectedanimals are animals with few populations or animals that are under threat ofextinction. Listed in the Law no.15 1990 Article 20 paragraph 2. Pancasilavalues also implicitly require us as human beings to preserve the forests andanimals that live in it. The forests and animalsthat live in them are one part of the terrestrial ecosystem we are familiarwith.

Humans are so selfish and do not think about the longterm effects of whatthey have done when exploiting the forest and everything in it. Everything inthis world has the importance of each so that there is a balance ecosystem.Imagine if the forest as one of the factors supporting the balance wasgradually began to disappear.

 3.2Suggestions   There are many ways to dealwith the problem of exploitation of forests and endangered species inIndonesia. The government holds the most important role in that, not only bymaking rules but the law must be affirmed and done right. We also as ordinarycommon people who have common sense, open mind and conscience must begin todare to report to the authorities if know or have seen the violations that occurredin the environment.  


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